Big boy farming tricks ( 100% confimed ) [Small Update]

Notice on the screen shots on how my HP is greatly decreased along with my rank being fifth , this has happened to many times straight while farming big boy , and according to my farming experience the support crates in big boy’s mission will give HP packs depends on these conditions :
1: Extremely LOW HP ( mosly below 100 )
2: High ladder rank , the higher the rank you are in , the higher chances of HP drops
3: There is a bug that your rank magically turn into rank 25 , always remember to refresh the page every time the bug appear so your rank always at higher position before you open the support crates

What you need to do :
1: Before open any support crate, always refresh your page so your rank to it’s original state from the bug
2: You can always let the bot’s drone chip your HP to a low desired value then quits , again , make sure your rank is also it’s original state , then you open a support crate , guaranteed to have a HP pack
3: After Big Boy is defeated , like mentioned above , the yellow loot crates ( which may contain atleast one item box ) also gets affected by the conditions above , remember to refresh your page for the original rank too

1:The yellow loot crates that contain an item box ALSO depends on your rank , always remember to refresh your page so your ladder rank return to normal

2:The best rank to farm big boy for the most efficient reward is rank 5 (2 swords and 2 stars in the middle)

-Not just big boy but this also affects other bosses in campaign too , if you are low level and cant farm big boy , you can always also use the tricks mentioned above to farm ramboy , senior quads …

-You can always close the tab and relogin again before big boy depletes your HP to zero for a another chance repeatedly , just shut tabs down / turn off mobile device and relogin back in before it depletes you HP below zero , the game will loads to the point before you fight big boy

-Simple items needed to fight big boy and his minions effectively : only heat module at legendary and 7 HP plaates maxed

How to decrease your HP to a desired value : You can always let the bot chip your HP to your desired value then quits , again , like mentioned earlier , you need to refresh in order get HP packs from the support crates

The proper order to farm is Buggy ----> Tank -----> mech

I have wasted 120 tokens worth of fuel to test this theory , and yes i can confirm this is how big boy’s loot/support crates works , hope it hope you guys’s farming adventure somehow.

Beatriz wishes you best of luck on your journey :heart:


Nice that phone players cannot refresh


Does the Rank Glitch really effect the level?
I didn’t give it that much though until now…

Just close the app and reopen lol, if you close the app during a mission you still on the mission when you re-login


Nice topic


yes, and probably/possibly effects the contents of reward boxes received for completing the mission.


I prefer farming Ram boy

More proofs


Bump so more players can see this :smiley:


Won’t be long till the next nerfaholic meeting where they create another update to fix this, have fun while it lasts…

Something is still better than notthing , until then , enjoy while it lasts indeed

SURPRISE!! just tried it multiple times including wiping cache and NO JOY but it doesn’t matter I rarely bother with higher than normal as it doesn’t pay with only 1,100 to 1,200 more than normal level even though it claims 15,000 and 20,000 it’s a TS lie as usual.

No lo se rick, me parece falso, a mi me dan muchos extras sin cumplir con lo que dices, bastantes cajas de la fortuna y cositas XD!

What rank were you in exactly ? im having ZERO problem grinding insane big boy repeatedly daily , best mech used to grind big boy is either energy or heat , also make sure that your HP is either below 100 or 200 in order to get a better chance of HP packs

further Proofs even though im only rank 6

I got up to 5 HP packs in this route again just thanks to the trick , one is already used to repelish half of my HP

This is like the iPhone slowing scancal. We should ask a lawyer :smiley:

Another update for this trick for everyone to see , the trick still works perfectly , the lower your HP , the higher chance of getting HP packs

The HP pack drops are not dependent on rank nor HP status. Tested this about 100 times with full HP. Avg. amount of HP pack drops was around 4 on normal mode.

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I was doing insane , the Drop rates of insane and hard significantly differrent

More proofs , the lower your HP , the higher chance of HP drop rates , dont forget to refresh your page to make your rank it’s original state before pick up the support crates :