BIG BOY box nerfed beyond any limits... Again

I just do not have more energy, time and will to play… First my entire mech design got wrecked by the ‘BALLANCE’, and now I am 100% sure the big boy drop rates were nerfed to the bottom. It’s been 2 days of hardcore playing, over 50 boxes opened, and I received shitty stuff. Epics are scarce, not to mention legendaries, which I would have certainly landed, but for the nerf… Guys, what are your impressions? Did anyone of you land a legendary from the BB box within the last two days? Like yesterday? Is this just my bad luck?


around 30 runs yesterday, and another 14 just now… 3 epics… no legendary.
i kinda of feel it too… but then again… took me 300+ runs to get my first legendary out of BB… and that was all Insane.
Also the “Nerf” destroyed 2 of my builds… one that i was using and 1 that i was building…no comment
And i know the feeling … of utterness… and lack of fun.
The game has turned into something really bad.
Like someone said it here, you either have the good stuff… or not… that is the fun factor.


And another nerf… no other mission on insane gives boxes.
Mission 6 no longer gives box.
So the only way to get items is do boss missions… for us is BB…for 2 items.

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I haven’t had the luck of landing any legendaries thru the mission yet… and I guess I never will.

Also, the weapon nerf is very disappointing. :frowning: Draining opponents is even tougher now.

The funniest thing is that now, after over a month of HARDCORE gaming (I cleared the missions every day, and stayed online for the tournament every day), my mech is now WEAKER than it used to be. All mythicals I have I was able to build with legacy items only. Now I am stuck, and the progress of my game is just non-existent. It takes me roughly 1 day of grinding to upgrade a level 40 mythical up one tier. I got over 2.5 million credits, but no items to fuse. In the meantime I was screwed over by TS and now I have to replace my torso to become on a par with the HP pool I had before the “Balance”. Every time they do such things I try to get over my fury and try to like the game anyway. But now I guess this is just too much for me… Just tooo much…

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You manage to upgrade a lvl of one myth thru a day of grinding? you are good… try from lvl 45+… it gets gruesom… like not a single chance…
i lost 2 torsos… one fully fused lvl 50 Sith, withc is kinda of sheet, since it has low energy cap(lower then befor)… and 1 lvl 25 myth avenger torso i was building as my 4th mech…and the nice hit on the iron boots… 2 pair myth fully fused.
All those were from legacy power… from 9 sets of fully fused legacy mechs, and 1400+ myths… all down the drain.
Now to make a fully fused myth item from grind and silver boxes… take 4-6 days… to get it from lvl 1 to lvl 50.
And i mean hardcore grind 50+ runs/day… using tokens to refill. A fully fused mech now is optainable in about 3-4 months of sustained grind…of 6h/day… good luck with that.
And after you make it… boom another balance… that if you are unlucky… you lose the build… in one second…1-2 weeks of hard work…down the drain.

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Man… that is indeed frustrating.

It is very hard to max a mythical, and with a single “update” it goes down the drain.

When big boy was givin epic on every beat. Some one got so glad n notify the admin and next day there was ain’t epic any more.

And then when they had the chance to give legendary, same noob started bragging about easy it is… and that was solved fast.

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Please… no one say how easy it is to get rares from Bigboy campaign. I’d hate getting all commons from every run. :laughing:

But why, it is very easy to get rares from the Big Boy… HOLY SHIT, SORRY GUYS!!!:sob:

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You all guys are talking too much - we are being constantly squeezed, crushed… what ?.some kind of Stockholm syndrome
Confirming absence of legendary drop in last 4 days so far (lots of runs daily)

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You can blow those 2.5m gold on booze… we can open a SM Bar where people come and just get wasted and chat… and then we add a little society game, play SM wasted and blindfolded. Loser get to buy another round.

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Actually, you are reading in my mind. After a couple of hours of crazy grind I was curious if I can clear a BB mission with my eyes closed. I nearly did it!


“50 boxes opened in 2 days”
“hardcore playing”

once again I’ll wait for Tacticsoft to make a statement before I jump to conclusions over a few bad openings.

once again, you got off your leash and dont read things, quess kindergarden is to much for you… 300+ runs in 4 days, in the last 2 days i only did 50.
And they were on Insane, wich takes about 8-10mins/run.
Come on i will make the math for you:
300 runs x 8-10 mins =2400-3000 mins = 40-50h… kinda of 10-12.5h/day… guess you that is not hardcore.
50 runs x 8-10 = 400- 500 mins= 6.7 -8.4 h… close to 3.35-4.2h/day… not hardcore.
Now scatter of befor teacher catches you using the abacus, and grounds u… no more milk for you after that.

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I was talking to the Mordulec, sometimes things aren’t about you El_Metre.

average bigboy, being generous, I’d say is closer to 8 than 10 minutes meaning 7.5 box drops in an hour so what he considers hardcore is 6 and 2/3 hours over a 2 day period. I’d personally consider hardcore to be atleast 5 hours in a day, hence the image.

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Misfit, first things first:

  1. Despite your attitude I respect you and no matter what, I am not going to be involved into any salty talks with you.
  2. Your calculations are just fine form me. But you must imagine I work full-time job (although in an home-office fashion), I run my own company, need to earn for 2 kids, and still for over 1 month I managed to spend such time per day, every day, to play SM. And remember, that your calculations only dealt with Big Boy. Each week I was in top 20-30 in the ladder, which means additional time for PvP battles. So this is extremely HARDCORE by my standards.
  3. Once again you are right, it is not always about you, El_Metre, but it often IS! :relaxed:

yeah and that’s perfectly fine if you don’t have the time to play hardcore but it’s misleading to suggest that playing a few hours a day is “hardcore” and it was therefore not fair for you to suggest your experience was the result of “hardcore” grinding in my opinion.

okay, but it isn’t playing the game to the extremest extents it could be played which is what “hardcore” implies. I’ll grant you you’re more than a casual player and I think that if you were patient over a month or so you would be able to pick up a few decent legendaries and enough epics and fuse parts to get them up to myths. it’s just frustrating for me to see you play 6 hours and start complaining you havent had a legendary drop. it’s supposed to be challenging.

I laugh at your 6 -10 hours a day and raise you 27 hours per, erm, day…