Big Boy box meta UPDATED!

Greetings, Pilots!
First of all I owe my apologies for those of you, who clicked this thread in the hopes TacticSoft introduced changes to improve our experience. Nope, they did not. But I clenched my fists and tried to play the Big Boy mission just to see what is the chance of getting an epic right now. So I cleared BB on the hard level about 6 or 7 times. Do you know the chance rate? Well, it is exactly 0%. I opened 6-7 boxes, and received 0 epics. Only shitty rares and commons. I mean, rares ceased to be shitty, they are pretty awesome now! And epics became new legends, I guess the change of getting one out of the box is about 10% now - like legendary. You need to open 10 boxes for one epic, like 10 premium boxes for 1 legend. GG tacticsoft, GG!!! I have no intention of devoting any more of my precious time to this game. I just limit myself to the daily missions and see what happens in the next few days… Right now, I am just furious!!!


Yeah, I was hoping for good news, but instead got confirmation…

Yeah, just going to clear the dailies and see what more will be done in the future.

The solution will be SOON.

Words cant describe how amazing game is now isnt it

I made all the missions on three difficulties, and was stunned when I received the reward for the last boss in two white and one blue thing, what is the point in passing the first mission and the last, the reward is the same. For myself, I will only do daily quests. If nothing changes in the near future, I and my friends will leave your game …

Are you joking ?

10% ???

  • Insane Mission - End Boss it WAS sure LESS than 3% for a Legendary

  • Insane Mission - End Boss it IS now (after they changed it for NO reason) sure LESS than 3% for an Epic

  • Premium Boxes is IS sure LESS than 3% for a Legendary

GUESS WHY they do NOT declare the (height) depth from the % !!!

Its cleary like a scam to NOT declare clearly the % of the chances !

tacticsoft fall deeper and deeper with their D I R T Y try to get more money !

S H A M E !

I am so happy about they helped me to decide if I will invest EVER anything else - NO !



Besty, I did not mean the Big Boy box, but the premium box. I strongly believe that the legendary chance in the premium box is now 10%. Read Wepwawet’s case - 25 boxes with 2 legends. KiG quotes similar data. It all adds up.

Don’t fall for it, bro just dont fall for it.
The chances kig said are lies, i opened a total of 100 boxes yesterday, for the fun of it…i got 5 legendaries, not a single one that are worth keeping.
I really dont care if they change the chances back up, or not, it is the way the things got done.
The methodes are dirty, and they play around with evruthing withou telling … the chances can be altered within seconds, if you got good stuff today… the next day…you can get sheet.
It’s the oldest scam ever, rise now chances… lower them later… like 5 min later.
I know it for sure, that the sistem is rigged, ever since the ultracooling module.
I won’t bother with it anymore, but just don’t fall for it.


i just got a epic from a silver chest :smile:

(it was sh*t) ._.

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The formula for creating a mythical object from the epic.
1 epic + 19 epic + 4 epic = 1 golden
1 gold + 42 epic + 5 gold = 1 mythical

24 epic = 1 gold + 42 epic + 24 + 24 + 24 + 24 + 24 epic = 1 mythical
In order to make one mythical preposition only from epic ones, 186 epic not counting gold coins
In the best case, if you receive one epic object per day, you need to spend 186 days
Think, give us a chance to get more mythical items, or to your game after such mathematics no one will play !!!

1 mythical :
75 token = 1 epic
186 epic = 13950 token
13950 token = 279$


lol…!! hahaha!!..

I got 2 epics…useless items

The reduction in drop rate in campaign is not surprising.

It was mentioned that the reason for fuel reduction was that most players don’t utilize them.

Qs:How does one discourage players from using the fuel?
Ans: Reduce the rewards till they feel it’s meaningless to farm.
Result: Reason for fuel reduction is obtained.

On the flip side, by increasing the drop quality and drop rate of the rewards, players will surely use up their fuel.
If the fuel utlization data was taken during the time when BB’s rewards was purely epics or better, the picture will be vastly different.

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now, with a small tank, the fuel overflows and burns itself out while the player tries to stay a few hours in real life.

and the BB awards so there potty.

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