Better Trading System. It just might work


Every so often a new player bring up the trading system. They don’t think about the consequences. Then the idea back fires.

Well, I been thinking of a new trading system that might just work. It’s called the FULLY MYTHICAL TRADE MARKET.

This idea says it in the title, yet I’ll explain.

In this FULLY MYTHICAL TRADE MARKET, or FMTM, you are only allowed to trade fully mythical Items. It will cost both members 50 token to exchange. This one will cost a lot.

So what think about the Fully Mythical Trade Market?

  • Sounds Legit, I’m cool with this
  • No, I’m just not for it (Enough Trade ideas)
  • Maybe
  • I don’t know (Maybe some tweaks)

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I was also thinking of Fully Legendary Trade Market. Not sure this one will do though.


I don’t think maxed myth would be that necessary, it’s already enough money to get to mythical. Either way, it does cover the problem of alt accounts.

The only drawback, as stated with every trade idea, is that once a player gets a good item on their alt account, they can just trade. A way to deter this could be to add the requirement that trading be balanced. That way, players don’t trade out a common for a mythical with alt accounts.This will also open up trading for lower ranked players who don’t have mythicals yet.

Keep in mind P2W players as well. It wouldn’t be hard for them to swap out good items from alt accounts, although I’d imagine it being troublesome.


I voted no, but not for the reason stated…
It would only give a small part of the players of chance to get items they want…

I remember that some ppl saied an “Auctions” system would be fairer and would overall works better :smiley_cat:
I talked about it somewhere a bit of time ago, if you’re courageous enought to look for it in the forums…^^


Nah. The price should be around 10,000 tokens. Right?


10,000 tokens, damn. I don’t even have that much. I haven’t even seen a 10,000 token sale.


Still players would abuse it… you guys really are innocent huh?


Abuse it. lol… I doubt this one would be abused.


Lmao , EVen the most professional player on the game won’t be able to get that without paying a shit , Even if he pays , He would get it in months