Better rewards in PvP!

Is it true?

I did just get a box with 3 rares after PvP win. I was usually getting commons only. If there has been a positive change by the dev then thank you dev!

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No, just luck. :slight_smile:


perhaps it would be true if you matched battles in a reasonable time, but the way the matchmaking is going these days you can do a bigboy battle on x2 autopilot at roughly the same time you find and fight a battle. stick to campaign if you got the fuel.

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Until PvP can give you Fortune Boxes it’s better just to grind bigboy


wonderwaffenbox is only in the campaign missions, as I know and if not changed the rules.

after finishing the mission of ganwr 3 veses in pvp give me an epic does not happen often but it is once for every two days

Boi, that is exactly what I just said

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half the time you can get the same thing in campaign, or better, you’d think that you would get better than gray, but that’s what you get playin. the rewards have alpt to be desired???:disappointed:

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It isnt like we get good purple cards anyway. I have no clue how long it has been since i got anything but a torso.