Better rewards for clans maybe


Better rewards for solo placement and maybe for top clans😉

  • Yes
  • No

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Um no, not cool at all.


In what way I’m just trying to help people who get 1st they get 100k which can buy u 2 item boxes I mean come on😭


Top clan rewards are fine. Solo top rewards should be increased.


actually u get 1,000,000 now. Not that you would know. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I can get 10 million SM credit in two hours doing the campaign. So why do I even try to get first.


Better rewards for solo top ranks? Definitely.

Better rewards for clans? Not necessary. I’d rather just change it so that top 6 clans get rewards. (maybe less than clan ranks 1-3?)


CENSORED, Need more competition in top 10 for this. Now its nosense like ur stories in fb reign chat. Poor guy.


And how do you know what we talk about on reign fb chat?
For your information, those arent nonsense stories, for example: Pig Blinks is boring accuser. That isnt nonsense, that is true.


Your chating like little child. After i have a better opinion of you


Pls no fighting. :c
We can all be FRENZ.


Your opinion doesnt matter to me, especially your opinion about me.


I agree. Let’s keep things civil in here now ^^
No need for the petty insults at one another. A little bit of friendly rivalry is one thing, but let’s not forget, this is a game :slight_smile: We’re all here to have fun. Let’s keep on topic of this suggestion pls :slight_smile:

Also, added a poll for you guys. Much easier to do a vote and see the general consensus


Calm down, repeat this:
Inhale, exhale, Inhale, exhale, Inhale, exhale.
Have a good day :wink:


Yea, i know. But they began first.


I had a very hard day, but thanks. I wish the same to you.
You began first, you made the topic, hello.


No, for fist members from ur clan say that im hacker in other topic.

I never condemn people behind their backs


We are all hackers. :ribbon::ribbon::ribbon:


To whomever wishes to be the bigger person,
just don’t respond :grinning:


General rule of thumb, dont bring in things from one thread into another completely unrelated thread. Make your own thread or continue it in the old one. If the old one was locked then that’s a sign you should end the “discussion”.