Better music for the super mechs game


u should make some better music like rap songs country songs tons of diffirent stuff like that to make it enjoyable and also u should make some new wepaons for us and PLEASE BRING BACK OUR COLOR KITS lol


I remember talking abt music on Kongregate forums. As I found out, good music for playing is Metal Slug 4 music; stage themes are good for missions and boss themes are good for bosses (esperally harder ones) and pvp fights. Of course, there are just too few to not become boring after certain time


Hey there @GODZILLA

May I inform you that when you play this cool game called supermechs,you can play music downloaded on ITunes if you are on IOS or Google play if you are on Androïd!

I admit that the music could be changed but if you want to, turn off music and start à battle with the music you chose going!


im thinkin about put your favourite music while you are in a battle, nice idea Godzilla :wink:


You can mute the sounds in-game and listen to something else, that is true.
Please don’t call this game cool. Please. PLEASE.