Better late than never


It means You Give Godly Massages


You meant “passport” ?

You write it “Passeport” and you spell it without the “t” at the and ^^

The taste ? like salted, sweet, acid, and so on ? ^^


Nice try, but nah XD

@The_Yo_Yo_Man I simply that some years ago I needed to find a nickname, and the 1st thing that came to my mind the the first letter of my best friends’ names ^^

It was not already took, I kept it 'til now ^^


We have familiar name’s…


and our fusion will be TYYGGM ^^ XD


Steven Univurse…
S3 Ep 21
The Sm losers

I love it.


I mean in french. You said you were french so…


I told you the French word and how you pronounce it ^^

I didn’t corrected you ^^


Heya all, I’m back from a little vacation from the game and forums ^^

Hello to everyone who didn’t heard about me ^^


I though you left mate.
Lol,anyways welcome back!


Thanks ^^ I forgot the 20 characs, it didn’t miss me XD