Better late than never



I’m a F2P french player who started the game when you needed to buy an “insurance” to not lose your progress…(then I quited a while and came back after myths and shop, then took a break when SM reloaded, and came back around the day of the last unicorn portal…until that day, I play SM wheneven I can and want to…:smiley_cat:)

I was usually lurking the forums, and more after the Reload, than I signed up around the time they were recruiting Beta-testers for the Autoplay update…(wasn’t took, 1 day late)

And now, I’m here ^^

(If you want to ask me something, and I’ll see if I can/want to reply to it ^^ (Indecent or insults or anything else innapropriate will be flagged)


Bienvenue compatriote. Bon tu connais deja comment tout marche (ou ne marche pas).
Si t’as des questions n’hesites pas non plus. Builds, dudes, forum treads etc…
Quel est ton in game name ami Francais?



Oui, je me suis pas cassé la tête pour trouver mon nom de forum XD


You speak French?
Ah ok…Fuqin bombing my town.



Didn’t get what you means ^^

I can still speak english, even translate my posts…


oh, I didn’t know that…

And I don’t really keep myself informed about the countries’ wars… X.X


You are a noob. muhahahahaa


Haha nice joke…
Im not telling about you yeah?
Oh and i am pretty sure you have NO CLUE what noob mean’s.
If you don’t,shut up.
(even asking you that if you are joking)

Now let’s not fight at this topic yeah?


@YGGM Sorry for being an off topic loser.
Soo about the topic…

Oh and i will just delete all this crap i telled.


I only know a bit of french…
Passepar (Is that how you spell it?)
And that’s it.


Hello, nice to meet you! We have never met before!


Oof did not see you changed your word’s yeet.
Cool and good.


No problem for the off topic as it don’t pollute the thread ^^


Hey, are you sure about that ? ^^

Aren’t we in the same clan ? ^^


No, I dont know you!


Orang does not meet the person who is in the same clan…
Or maybe if YGGM is meme man?



iM just kidding man of course I know you!


Welp time to delet my replay


no problem, I knew you were kidding ^^


@YGGM I need to know what does that name meaning…

Cause that name is familier than mine ;D