Better Fleet Graphics


So the previous suggestion on revamping fleet graphics was quite divisive due to specific nature of the graphics it was advocating. I’d like to propose something slightly less radical, whilst still accurately conveying the gravitas of a hundred-something squads.

As you can see, the fleet formation is actually extremely simple. Using a diamond tessellation pattern, one can fit 190 squads within 10 diamonds’ heights, and within 22 diamonds’ heights, one can fit a whopping 990 squads. If necessary to prevent the servers crashing, we can cap the number of diamonds’ heights to whatever works.

Of course, in the final version we’d be using proper graphics, but even with these makeshift diamonds, doesn’t that look so much more appropriately intimidating?

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  • No

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Additionally, due to the size of these proposed fleets, I’d like to propose a visual option to disable “trailing” squads and show only the foremost squad, to prevent them from blocking out certain outposts or buttons etc. (which our currently underwhelming max-24-squad fleet already does to an extent)

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What do you guys think?


I think this adds an intimidating effect to your squads and presents a neat graphical feature too! Shouldn’t be too hard to implement. @Alexander


Wow that looks hot, I made a mess in my pants.


Definetly more intimidating


Yeah looks like pretty good



Yes to both suggestions. I understand the last poll caused some to vote no because they thought it would be the old style and old graphics. Best part of sending hundreds of squads was the intimidation factor just from sight alone. This would help with that.



*clap clap
You got my likes sir. Horde them like a squirrel for the winter, cause they don’t come often.


To piggy back on this a little, I already suggested it to alex but here is a formal one. Could we have customization looks? Almost every other game has some way to customize how you look. Be it skins in Overwatch or armor in WoW, you can ALWAYS change how you look. People like this. My idea is simple. Have unlock-able skins for squads and colonies and outposts. For instance you can already BUY golden colony, but why just sell it? I propose certain achievments grant you different color-patterns on squads. The foremost color would of-course be what it needs to be (Green, white, yellow, red, blue) Based on the relation that squad has to you. But the inner part of the squads is always the same, where the cock-pit is, and the thrusters in the back. Say you start as is now. Then when you get all achievments you can get a different color (orange for instance). The 10 BOAT medals in the game could be awarded red squads, likewise the CE winners could get green ones. Past that if you ended 1st in an era you could get a different color, and if you have won 10 times you could get a different color. This isnt based souly for squads. Different achievements could be different rewards for different things. I personally find it very boring the way it is currently. I get that THIS specifically would not be a very “big” or “gamebreaking” change, nor an important one really, but it is also VERY easy to code in, and can help give people something to strive for RIGHT AT THE START (something I think battle dawn lacks immensely)


Kael wants ways to spend more of his cash on BD :slight_smile:


Don’t piggy back. Make a new topic :slight_smile: especially considering it’s a good idea. Deserves it’s own notice.


delet this RIGHT NOW and do what josh said, make new topic. it good idea


This would be a cool feature to do after this one hopefully, gets passed. So i suggest start making a new topic once this one finishes.

If you need any help creating your topic PM me :slight_smile:

Ill answer any question you have. Skype: shark.striker


Looks like we’re getting an extremely positive response! For those of you who voted for ‘tweak’ (@davd, @Spring, @Roronoa), could you comment below on what specifically should be tweaked? :slight_smile:


@Alexander is this feature being considered for an update in the future?

I would also like to hear What the people voted tweak have to say like @Fluffeh said