Better Boss Ideas :)

yes, it would include them

This boss will not only have special attacks,but also a special intro
Intro:A smaller version of ram boy appears first,then mammoth appears right on top of where the ramboy appears and crushes it by falling on it
Then mammoth uses his ice cannon and creates an ice barrier around his legs,making him unable to be moved
Attacks:he will use his 2 nightfalls and spartan carnage as his main attack,then suddenly uses his ice cannon to grow the icicles on top
The gimmick is that there are icicles everywhere except the place on where the mammoth is.Mammoth can use his ice cannon to grow 3 random icicles by 1.Mammoth will then use his ice cannon on those icicles by 1 and repeat when new icicles grow
An icicle needs to be hit by the ice cannon 2 times to fall,dealing 300 damage
Normal:3 icicles
Hard:4 icicles
Insane:Don’t know
Note:Desolation is useless because it will force the icicle above you to fall and not hurt the boss dealing 300 damage

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will be time limit growing the ice as shield so the mechs can’t hit any longer the boss but the boss still able to kill mechs?

No.The shield protects it from moving
Like if you you used red rain it would not get pulled

ah, sounds interesting. It will be an extra boss in the campaign apart of the current set?

He is a boss found in the boss zone where you fight the bosses in this order (it’s my idea)
Ramboy-Executinator-Cybergoat-Molotov-mammoth-great white-sabertooth-wild boar-senior quads-Bigboy
If you want your boss to be added tell me where to put

How about the new abilities of my boss idea mammoth in insane