Better animation

Take a look at this:
oh gosh is horyfinyg
So, these are some type of “gears” (or whoever you want to call them) that are used for “moving”. That BackBreaker acts like a totally solid item instead of using those “gears” for moving. And those legs, they should also use those “gears” for moving (not that bottom “gear”). What I mean by all this, is those “gears” should also be a part of animation.

  • Yup, I think animation should be updated.
  • No, no, no, I think the animation should stay the same.
  • Both is fine for me.
  • I don’t even understand this… :confused:

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This isnt even animation…

Its visualos , plus havent you heard of gears?

The animation we have now or…?

Gears? No, I haven’t. I guess.

it’s decoration, besides my sm is already too slow, better to stay that way, if you want something better than that, improve the paint system

But how would the paint system be improved? :confused:

Counting tokens are worth too much to waste in paintings

Oh yeah. But devs won’t do anything about it, ya know.

Here is some ^^


Edit: this kind of things is usually seen in steampunk-themed objet/clothing/others ^^

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Oh, I know. Gonna update that pretty quickly.

I would really like to see nightfall being reworked. This thing is trying to aim at the player behind monitor/screen.Photo editing_Cloud20180228
My eyes are hurt after doing that, definitely keeping this thing on other side of the mech xD

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Yup… but could you show me a pic of nightfall. Or Nightfall shooting. Coz I’ve never seen one. :frowning:

Why focus on the unneccesary when the devs can put there time into things that really matter?

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At least it would look more realistic. :confused: And what are the things that really matter?

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Oh, I’ve seen it. I think I even have one, but epic. But, did you mean reworking the look of the nightfall or…?

Fixing bugs, attracting more players to the game, adding new items, balance

What bugs? How will TS attract more players? There will be new items, is obvious. And how will they balance the game?

I dont know, so they should focus on that rather than useless animations that do nothing…

Well, they’ll have some time for this. In future. Far future.

its visual stuff the hammer is the same as last time

Here you go.
From my physicals for you :smile: