Beta Testers Wanted for Fair Play Enforcer


Happened again even after reloading the page. I can’t quit the battle either.


Thank you for adding me, and explaining all the details of what is happening! We all appreciate it!


Lool :joy: titan so bully


It hates me, I can’t kill it.


LOL i thought that was new thing and its not a bug. I was so close to put it here but as i said i thought it was new feature. gg 200 free tokens :joy::joy:


I also thought it as an update :joy::joy:


How do you find so many glitches? Please teach me… :smile:


Due to my nature of me… Why i am telling that lol :joy:


The secret fuel bug is yet to be known commonly pls fix it …i never knew i was exploiting it sorry :sweat_smile: but i was bound to :sweat_smile:


Fuel bug?


Yes fuel bug you get 15 or 20 fuel for 100% free


I cant access the game until i get out of school, my dumb teachers, put game blocker on.


Yah same for me too. I can open but game doesn’t load… :frowning:
Here is the link if you want it: supermechs site


VPN maybe?

#136 Iboss, and securly blocked for me, its annoying for it not loading


So somebody test it so you have to play on andriod and when before you sleep at night put mission bigboy insane and then when you about to fight the minion close your phone or tab using power button (do not poweroff) and then when you wake up at morning you may find some free fuel :grin:


? is that actually possible, make a video then.


I cant video (cuz i have to close my tab using button for 8,9hours )but i will show you proofs gonna try it to day night.


ok, oh well there lots of glitches like the no health glitch on campaign.


I don’t know if you are still looking for people, but I would like to help. My ign is the same as here