Beta Testers Wanted for Fair Play Enforcer


Looks like the entries are closed cuz he is not liking anybody else.


wait let me be a beta tester, i love this game so much i would do anything for it.

Name: Backlash25_YT
Level: 93


I Want To Enter Beta Testing @jonny ?

Name:OHM_ssss Gamer



@jonny @SilverBox @Mohadib @Sarah247

I suggest you that, next time, you CLEARLY write how many testers you want and/or what timeframe is allowed to apply.

And also make a post to say that applications are now closed, to stop the flow.


Not sure if you just might want to know or not @jonny, I did find a glitch in normal game (i am not a beta tester). I was fighting this random guy and when I used… either… Spartan Carnage or Nightfall it said energy break for no reason at all. Just letting you know in case you wanted to! FYI it isn’t in my replay, but I swear I am not lying or anything


Hi everyone,
A clarification:
There is no in-game visual / gameplay feedback on being in the beta test group for the new fair play enforcer. It all happens behind the scenes, you don’t need to do anything different, and if you don’t notice anything has changed, it means its working correctly (This is the expected result).
We are adding people in chunks, as we verify that the experience is unchanged for those in the group.
If you see me liking your post, it means that the user information from that post has been added to the group, and you should see a 50 token box in the “unclaimed inbox” section.

Thanks for helping out! We are soon adding more people to the group, and if it all checks out we will activate this for everyone in the coming days.


So what does it do? What will the new update bring and improve in terms of super Mechs security?


same here, but on ios


It should make it impossible to abuse the game to get an advantage in activities like raids and titan battles (and the upcoming clan wars).

Update posted to main post:
Thanks for the support! If you’ve been added to the playtest, you will see that I liked the post containing the user details. The game should behave completely identical, and you don’t need a special version of the app to be in the group, its all behind the scenes.
When bug-hunting, note that this only affects battles in the campaign, raids, titans and portals. So that is the only type of bug reports that we are looking for in the context of this beta test group.


So, anybody have anything interesting happening yet?


Only got started about an hour ago, havent noticed anything new.


same i’m trying to figure out what are the differences


Hi Jonny,

If you still need an extra beta tester for the next time you add people to the group, count me in.

In game name: Epyon


Great news @jonny and thank you for the informations :exclamation:



Setting button and rank gone missing



I noticed something I think it is a bug that when I was battle against the titan tava with level 1 appearance that in the image was golden


@jonny, Eyy, thanks m8!


Bug verified and confirmed related to the feature. 200 tokens in your inbox :slight_smile:

To people who weren’t added yet, we are doing it in waves. We will continue adding more players after the weekend.


I’ve discovered a new difference when we kill a boos that the agent never killed, but that black screen does not appear anymore, maybe that difference does not make a difference because I bet everybody here has zeroed the whole campaign.


What Auraintegra said along with the fact that the titan is gray instead of black inferring that it’s a 1 star even though it still has the stats of a maxed titan. I put out my drone and the game is frozen.