Beta Testers Wanted for Fair Play Enforcer


Welp, you got the entire forum to be your beta testers.


I want to participate here, my name is id, do not forget my not at image


The error is over; here is my info.


IGN: SORREZ always happy to help(and get tokens too :wink: )


i will be glad to help
id : 33340724
IGN : super mechs bedo


I’m in. Motomi-16827758


Its a pre release of the new update

5701 client


Count me in @jonny.


Wish I was on time to join, probably can’t now, even though I love testing :smiley:. Hope I can join the team next time.

ign - jhjln87
id - 29575988

Now lemme go take a screenshot of everything I have haha


Hey jonny,

I’d love to help as well.
Player tag: nightfox485-7546
User id: 25177546


Goodluck @everyone that wants to join in the fun.

I hope I get to see you all, wherever we are going. I’d like to see what Tacticsoft has done for our gaming enjoyment. :slight_smile:




Keep the tokens



Can we have a Beta tester perk


Just buy a green paint


how exclusive


Its a good looking color




Hey @jonny I would like to participate in this to help you and the community.
Here is my ID :
My In-Game Name :


@jonny I updated my android application

Now I can not enter


Not many use green paint