Beta Testers Wanted for Fair Play Enforcer


Yes me too happens lot of time to me. :grin:


Sign me up Johnny!
Username- Luckyluchs777
ID number- 37963118


Hi Jonny, I’d like to join
ign: Nagibator
id: 26971636

@jonny can I test a few old items on the subject of the bug and exploits, if it is possible, add a repair drone and a shield to my inventory during testing, thanks !!!


why? Do you want to win to everybody? :rofl:


Yoyoman wants to join


I’ll help too if it’s still wanted! IGN:Darkstare and ID below.


sorry, I’m just a little bit confused what the new fair play system actually does. is it symply a reward system for bug reports or is it some kind of information sharing agreement between each account signed up that will send more data or whatever to TS than it already does? can I just get a bit more clarification on what signing up for this actually means for my account? thanks.


I would be happy to keep an eye out for anything.


I will sign up immediately @jonny! Once school gets out I will post my ID stuff. Please add me to the list! I want to help any way I can. BTW that means I will be on around 3:30 American West Coast time


I’m in to help :grin:
Ign name: JockeYT
User id : 15888017



Id like to




I’m in, IGN: YGGM

Player ID: image


Hi this is my ID


I want in if i can be.

Username: Thunder

I.D: 36915758


Id: 32055070

Recently there was an error: when you click on the achievements, the achievements window opens, but the achievements themselves are not there, there is only a loading circle. On the PC for three days already, on the android for the first time I got this error (I now just entered the game).


Ay, man. Happy to help. However, there is an error 522, which prevents the site from loading. Do I get 200 tokens for that?


Please let me in…
IGN: woop2
ID: 17534206


@jonny here is my info

ID: 19700038