Beta Testers Wanted for Fair Play Enforcer


Ing name: Powtaito™
ID: 10956248

And other then @WinzKay i gladly Take the tokens and even more! :wink:


I forgot my ingame name lolz.

It might be LowKee or LowKee84 maybe.


I might be interested in joining the squad, provided that you fix my god damn logging issue



Is this going to be like BMMDEV or Base Feature?

as in, will it be a copied version of our accounts and you give us a link to the new server or will you push out the update onto us earlier than others?


I’d like to join!



Thanks everyone!
If I liked your post it means that you are in the tester group, and should have a 50 token “special gift” in your unclaimed boxes.
You can continue playing just like normal and tell us if you see new bugs / issues.
If you are playing on Android or iOS, please go to the App Store and make sure you are running the latest version of Super Mechs.


Please can I sign up :slight_smile:


Id: 13239999


Clan mate isnt using forums, hed like to help testing too, appliying in his stead here:

Ign: Optimus


I would like to help.

Ign: White Star


Im in .-.

Ign: DarkJailu

Id: 18105878


it should be good! i would like to join

ID : R.I.C.O - 13719356


I would like to sign up :slight_smile:
my ID: 14651586

IGN: Amber


Hi, I would like to participate
IGN: Made in Vietnam
My id in screenshot


Pls pls i want to be the beta tester am playing supermechs for 5 years since legacy and have found quite lot of bugs including the current fuel bug and also the rocky bug :grin: if you dont mind @jonny can you make me beta tester .love you …thx for reading


The fuel bug comes when you put bigboy insane and then close the phone by the powerbuttons and then after 6,7 hours when you come and open your phone you will have fuel above the limit i get to 20 fuel for free . :grin:

Look another one but in this the buttons are messed up and i cant attack
Here another proof if you see that i am in the same battle and the buttons are again like …???
My IGN : 19080064 rip no more enteries :confused:





Then again,can I report any bugs I see,if I see any,on the forum,via PM,instead of messaging Support?
It’s faster and easier this way.


Sorry Jony but I’m reporting the 1st Bug. I didn’t received yet the 50 tokens Box :open_mouth:


Hey @jonny now what shall the beta testers do further…thx for choosing me :grin: