Beta Testers Wanted for Fair Play Enforcer


Hello Pilots,

We care a lot about the competitive environment. We are aware of several cheaters and abusers that tried to use hacks to be stronger, especially in Raids and Titan Battles. In the past weeks we have worked hard to create a new fair play enforcer, to ensure that everyone plays by the rules.
Before releasing it to all the players, we are looking for brave beta testers who will test the new fair play enforcer, and help us make the game more competitive and fair for everyone. If you opt in, you should feel nothing different on your side, but there may be bugs in the new system (Which we are looking to find, and are the reason for this beta test).

As a reward for your bravery and assistance, players who opt in will get 50 tokens. If you find and report a bug in the new fair play enforcer that checks out, the original reporter will get an additional 200 tokens.
When reporting a bug, do it through the in-game support option in the options menu, and mention “fair play” (along with the bug description) in the comment.

If you are interested, please reply to this thread with your user id (eg “123456789”) or player tag (eg “Jonny-4444”) and we will sign you up!

Thanks for your support!
Jonny and the Tacticsoft Team

Thanks for the support! If you’ve been added to the playtest, you will see that I liked the post containing the user details. The game should behave completely identical, and you don’t need a special version of the app to be in the group, its all behind the scenes.
When bug-hunting, note that this only affects battles in the campaign, raids, titans and portals. So that is the only type of bug reports that we are looking for in the context of this beta test group.

What is changing on raid point system?
- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -

I sign up. I do not want the tokens so you can leave them out for me if you choose me. I am just here to help.

Here is my ID:


Hi Jonny,

Happy to see that you are looking into this.
I’d be happy to help.

In game name: Lord Gorgon:

Let me know, if bugs there is, itll be a pefect excuze in case of shet season :slight_smile:

Have a good week, LG.


this is my user id = 23635060
I’d love to help!


Hey, I’d like to join
ign: Ricemech88
id: 9727865


Hi my player id: 17680194

Thanks for the new initiative :slight_smile:


I’d like to help.

ID : 14340713
IGN : Yas


I’d really like to help Tacticsoft for their new ideas. :slight_smile:

IGN : cyanine

Please, do let me be one of the beta testers. I really, REALLY do want to be a tester, and none else.


I do not know my user ID, but my name is Destruction. Hope it’s enough?


i would like to help

id: 14742954


Ahh, sorry. There’s is about, 1,000-10,000 Players with the same name. Not that much individuality in here.

Go to Settings, then click Info to get your ID at the right-bottom corner. You’re Welcome. :slight_smile:

Oh wow
A new way to get tokens?

Ok…i will try


I would like to help :slightly_smiling_face:


More one to help


ID is 34063728. I have 2 accounts, but I’m only entering one. No need to be greedy for tokens!


What a slacker admins lol


Ing name: Powtaito™
ID: 10956248

And other then @WinzKay i gladly Take the tokens and even more! :wink:


I forgot my ingame name lolz.

It might be LowKee or LowKee84 maybe.


I might be interested in joining the squad, provided that you fix my god damn logging issue



Is this going to be like BMMDEV or Base Feature?

as in, will it be a copied version of our accounts and you give us a link to the new server or will you push out the update onto us earlier than others?