Bet Competition

Hi,I think you should add something that give income . Bet competition -Two people fight 1v1,2v2 or 3v3 and the other who want to watch the fight need to bet who will win .If you choose right one , get some coin or token.
I hope it will be in supermechs
You all think it’s okay?[poll type=regular max=20 public=true]

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Not bad.


Omg u are spammer!


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Lol gambling tokens sounds fun.

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true TOKeNS HAHAhaHAHhahahahahh

I got 500 tokens on dead inside~ pls

@Mars This sounds a lot like the bet system from C.A.T.S . C.A.T.S is a another mobile game.

This sounds like something where fights could be rigged and obvious winners could lose on purpose for profit.

very hard to find opponents to make it! :confused::confused:

Waow SM gets more lifelike every day