Besty way too OP - Besty needs a nerf



I agree, I’m just taking pride in being the first one to say “problem the Besty solved”. Its catchy. Not trying to detract or anything, I definitely liked it.


That killed me!!!


Mate, i said that to challenge you. Not as a negative comment.
Wed like more i say.


Yes I am challenged, I admit…


Plot twist insted of nerfing besty we should buff everyone else lol

jk besty ur doing well, hopefully i can get a medal someday currentlt rank 8





Guess what happened



that means EMP is OP then besty :wink:


Nonsense …

But yes … EMP is pretty OP …
you can read here more about …



I have an idea how to nerf besty

Remove pumpkin perk lol


Why TF do i have a european flag there?
Also, once again drunk me couldnt see/fight end of season :frowning:


Off topic but
I need to question you…where you from?
And where you born?


Born and raised in France. Cureently living in Turkey; came over here for professional reasons


French is a member of EU.
Soo i think it tracked you.


You think the EU members have the EU flag in the game?


I have no clue.

We are going off topic.I might will delete this stuff’s.