Besty way too OP - Besty needs a nerf


So what to do about Besty? She’s way to OP and needs a nerf :grin:

Please stay on topic. This thread is not about counter arguments. All people can be countered.

Topic is about one OP person.

Besty way too OP …Besty needs a nerf❗️

Please answer with as many emoji as possible whilst still making sense and staying on topic. :white_check_mark:



I strongly agree :exclamation:
Devs have to do something about this :exclamation:
Things cannot be like this for any longer :exclamation:


A “very fast” fix… within the next few days, and would be great about the imbalanced medals at the moment.

Change first place medal count to 10 and first place clan medal count to 15 :exclamation:
Problem Besty solved :exclamation: :white_check_mark:

Give away all L-Ms to 10 less :exclamation:
Problem the Besty solved :exclamation: :white_check_mark:

Thanks a lot :exclamation:



No words. :joy::rofl::joy::grin:

20 lols were had


A-M-E-N !


Bro, i couldnt agree more.
But the more we ask for a @bestplayerintheworld nerf, the more “lets change @bestplayerintheworld’s range” stuffs we will receive…


we need to give this
some of this


Mate that was unbelievable. You could be her scriptwriter…


Tbh I would if she asks


Yes,and this is fact :exclamation:

She’s too OP for all us :grey_exclamation:

All except Betsy :exclamation:

  • This is why we need nerf her :no_entry:

  • I suggest nerfing blonde hair into brunette = balanced :white_check_mark:

You have a serious issue :brain:

Is it… Envy :question:

I agree,and everyone else shares the same thought.

Mohadib,we must nerf her :exclamation::grey_exclamation::exclamation:

Now the arguments you all see,they are facts for a reason :+1:



Well …
lets do the math about … numbers don’t lie …
Besty has 27ish Single Gold Medals
so theoretical you can win every week 1 Single Gold Medal
asuming she will not win 1ish Single Gold Medal and you will win every single week from now on a Single Gold Medal you can overtake her in 28ish weeks (if you have 0ish at the moment). If you have an amount of Single Gold Medals you can subtract that amount from 28ish, and you know how many weeks you need to win the 1st place in a row to have more Single Gold Medals than she has.
Now she has multiply The Claws and multiply EMPs, saw her winning a Single Gold Medal without any The Claw - must have been very lucky.
I will help all the community and the sistem would be following …
Besty need to stay back from 1st place for minimum 28 weeks in a row and need to change her in-game-name to “bestwepwawetoftheworld” (not winning any Single Medals anymore).
also her youtube channel need to be deleted totally, because she shows replays from a game … it is not good for a game to advertise it on a youtube channel.
Maybe best would be to delete the whole YouTube, we should consider to report YouTube. To whom? Maybe even better to delete the whole internet.
so if anybody from the whole community need help and need to know how to nerf Besty just ask me, I should know best. On the other hand nerfing is not the correct way, maybe better to improve her!


Yes :clap:

That is solution to all :white_check_mark:


El pez gris es bastante rápido xD


You guys are to funny :laughing:


The only solution is that she join to llyl (autonerf). :smile::wink:


No emojissssss!!!Didn’t think it was possible!


Now that would be a change or an insult to you and her, although I dont think it would fit in the name bar in the arena. It would probably just show Bestwepwaw which doesnt sound that great at all either.

:wink: :wink:


The next Rising .-.


nerf every E-M items to absolute trash and buff all
L-M items to balance them out because they are way too underpowered , no one will complain about the game being unbalaced ever again , if you do , you probably havent paid adapt to the game’s strategies enough so its your fault


Heat is op, I mean reckoning does 400 damage, nerf to 200, and also magma blast should cost 106 heat thnx.