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Hi all :exclamation:


I am happy someone asked me to load up again SuperMechs videos :exclamation:

It is a great honor to do that, because he asked so friendly for :exclamation:


Here the link to my channel …
YouTube bestplayeroftheworld

And here the newest video …
(many will follow)

xxx0xxx vs bestplayeroftheworld

“Who need heat against a weak heat mech :question:


Noice…Are you going to post new?

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Yes … some important battles end of the tournament will come :exclamation:



Ok.Good luck posting a new video :smiley:


Nice! Feel free to ask if you need any tips! :smiley:


Why didn’t you deploy a drone…

Starting with the drone, is most of the time the best, BUT sometimes there are situations (like this one), there it is better to bring it later :exclamation:

Rare situations, but sometimes :exclamation:



Gonna watch Replay once more

Upd: there was no point in using grappling hook, imo on this turn better would’ve been to deploy a drone

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Dude, it was my raid setup that I accidentally went into arena with. I mean come on …overheating weapons, no drone… that’s what I use for raid.

Plus, everyone, including you, knows what I play PvP with.

Supreme Cannon

The same kit that I destroyed @bestplayerintheworld with afterwards.

You can see that replay too. It’s still on my player profile.


That makes sense then…

Yes, i know your setup, but thought maybe u wanted to experiment.

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Well, i was talking about his drone :laughing:

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LOL, no. I do that kind of thing with clan mates. It’s not the first time I forgot to change setup after raid. But what a bad time to get that zot!

Then taunted me in chat afterwards. So I equipped my usual setup, not even packing energy. He however packed more heat from the 193 you saw in first vid to 415. See for yourself.

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Uhm, i see your energy cap being 356 on the shot… :slight_smile:

Correct. See my most recent replays and you will see that exact setup.

I don’t need that.
I just don’t understand why you guys and lads so obsessed with all this, always arguing and calling names…
Like kids, but i can care less


I don’t back down from a fight, even though it may be as childish as this. And over some obscure F2P game of all things.

The truth is, I have nothing better to do at the moment :grin:


Imb4 first video will be about every single player from the clan using counters for my mechs

www0www vs killymachine (1v1)

Well played from killymachine with a special move !


Michelle gets a lot of flak for her forum persona but she knows how to throw some shade really damn well when she wants to.

she’s an aquired taste, but an absolute top asset to HTK.

you either love her or you hate her.


:smiley: :smiley:
Thanks Bestyyyy :hugs:
I have been a long time subscriber to your channel.