Hi all !

Now after my friends and me thought very long and hard how to improve SuperMechs even more, we had bestIDEAever to improve SuperMechs a lot :

Please let us kick out of the chat (during writing) back to the workshop more often !

^^ bestIDEAoftheworld

positive about that idea :

  • no need to click anymore, if you need to go to the workshop
  • safes time
  • you can write all written more often, so you will improve very fast about writing
  • you will miss more from the chat, anyways not necessary to read all this nonsens there
  • you will learn to control your anger even more

Please help to make this positive-list longer, feel free to suggest here, I will add the good ones here to this list.

negative about that idea :

  • nothing

Maybe an additional feature could be that to return to the chat cost 5 tokens !

So the chat will improve a lot and tacticsoft will have more money to make new great updates !

special greeting

P.S.: a great thanx to @Fluxeon, who helped me to create this bestIDEAoftheworld


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Lol, you actually posted this.

I’m liking the rabbit, where do I get one? I’m hungry…

my mom said “eat this Bunny Wabbut or die” … I prefered to NOT die !

Sidenote :
Castor Rex and Widder bunnys dont taste as good as Riesenschecken bunnys !


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:dancer: Cute :dancer:

Me included?

The game kicking you out of chat is a very handy feature, it decides when you have had enough of the role playing in German Global and moves you back to the main screen. This prevents you from dying of the cringy quasi-D&D terminology used. Furthermore it requires absolutely no effort on your part besides going into chat! 10/10

obviously talking out of my ass…

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So that’s what that odor is, next time light a match. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Its a great feature but I think its need an update… like kick you out of the game instead of the workshop. So you have to type your password and log in again and you could see all three of your mechs at the same time so you’ll never forget what kind of mechs you use.
Now that would be really awesome. The workshop would be one click away


I was forbidden from dropping a third one…