Best way to get gold


what do u guys thinks is the best way to get gold. i have i have overlords den unlocked in easy. right now i use over lords den 6 and some times big boy. is there any better ways to get gold and also how hard is hard mode for over lord den. my mech can have 1900-2000 hp with 1 heat and 1 energy enegine and it has legendary rocket king weapons.
this topic may be repeated or not necesary

but i always need gold and so i would like to know if there are better ways to obtain gold


Just farm.
That’s it.


Play on arena and of course make campaing(
try make den 6 mission on insane), that all


i do farm but i feels soo slow and most of my gold is spent on boxes so i have items to fuse with


Dont spent on boxes so much, its to hurt for you economy and cmon make full myth is has high cost…


i am grinding bigboy insane with energy mech.


Two levels before Big Boy, 8K gold reward, 18K XP reward and 7 energy cost


OD6 insane once you unlock it,and farm gold portals


Ok thanks for the advice everyone


In do Overlords Den Mission 6 insane…


Yh ok ill try to unlock hard and then if i can ill unlock insane


Oh…if you cannot do it on Insane then farm BB, that’s what I used to do and still would


I do farm bigboy sometimes to use up all my fuel before lvl ups