Best uncommon mech using Anguish


Someone was the “master” of using uncommon items. Try to use an Anguish with no other Premium items to make the best mech you can. Good Luck!


Ugh. Uh. Um. well. Ok.


Paradox found. Initiating reboot in 3…2…1… click


I would use a Last words+ Grim Cobra (to increase the potential of regen draining), and 1 or 2 Malice Beam to Energy break it all the way…

Dunno for torso and legs, but legs should have a great energy draining ^^


Anguish WITH no premium items, he didn’t sayied " a mech with no premiums but the obligated item is Anguish" ^^


Anguish is a premium item. :slight_smile:




What’s an Anguish? Can someone post a picture of it?



(taken from mords post from a while back). It’s this junky little thing.


Energy drone
Phys and heat counterparts: dustmaker and murmur.

Damages regen