Best torso for energy mech?

What is the best torso for energy mech? i need help guys cauz upgrading item is really hard and takes much time so i need the right one to put my efforts on. TIA :smile:

In my opinion grim reaper. It is what I use

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Sith is the best torso for energy mech.

i disagree. Sith weighs 3 kg less than grim and that is the only advantage it has. Grim has the same heat and higher energy… So if 3kg means that much to you i guess sith is the way to go. if higher energy is more important go with grim.

Sith does look cooler though

But grim is better.


Once more time you are not correct !


Love the pink :smiley:

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Thanks! :mouse: :cat2:

I unfortunately went down the path of the Interceptor to build my energy mech… More health, since it is a physical torso, and early in the game, health is useful for missions. (do you have a maxed interceptor so I can look at the stats?)

But I have been looking into using the grim reaper torso I have because that added energy looks better. :slight_smile:

This was done by @KilliN he does a crazy good job on the art.
This is the stats for a maxed Interceptor @jomz

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Thanks for the info. I can now compare it to the maxed grim and sith.

So far, I can see that I made the right choice, based on how I build. More health and high heat to face physicals and heat mechs… but low energy and regen - which must be compensated with modules.

I’d still want to try out that grim reaper, though. :slight_smile:

After I myth out my interceptor.

The problem you will run into is every energy weapon and energy drone needs energy to work so you lose 50 to 100+ energy firing your weapons and drone, once you hit mythics.
This is my module set I use for my grim build.

Just to give you an idea of mythic energy costs for weapons.
Blue flame ash creator

Snack Drone

Grim Cobra top weapon.

If i fire both my ash creators and my drone, it costs me 161 energy just to fire my stuff.
So when you design your mech keep your own energy use in mind.
As you can see I am scared of heat mechs lol. :imp: Most energy designs do not have such high heat caps they usely go for higher energy caps. :sweat:

Now you’re making me have seconds thoughts about making my interceptor mythical…

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources now to power my currently level 1 legendary GrimReaper to max so I can swap it out to my Interceptor and…

But, yeah… the energy cost of those weapons are also high… If the energy and regen is not enough… you might end up draining your own energy! :open_mouth:

That ash creator is bad ass :3 i wish i can have one :sunny:

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Really torso don’t matter as much as modules so you can still build a pretty bad ass energy mech out of an interceptor. I am just giving you advice to think about as you build it. Extra HP are important if they were not I would have an energy module in the slot my plate module is taking lol.

I caved in and fully upgraded my Legendary grimreaper. :slight_smile:

I’ll be using it for mythical upgrade once I get more legendaries.

So far, the I am liking the additional energy tank and regen… I haven’t met any heat mech yet… :cold_sweat: ahahaha…


See you in battle.


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You can still make ti have super high heat my heat cap is over 500 and my cool down is almost 200 on my grim.

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