Best strategy? <Imbackinbattledawnbtw>

Which is better?

Hundreds of infantry


Hundreds of tanks?

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lol what

1 tank is worth 3 infantry. so, hundreds of tanks of course


the question should be 300 inf or 100 tanks


answer should still be tanks in that case lul

Not exactly. Each chassis has their own thing. If a tank army gets nuked and goes down to 1hp, its out of the fight for a long ass time. Unlike an inf army

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Inf is the best chassis in the game.


Once upon a time…
Capo said that Vechs are the most rounded and the best chassis ig.

Theyre my favorite and the most viable go to. But inf are technically and literally the best

True but most suseptable to spies.
you have litreally put sp everywhere to avoid getting damaged and dying that energy could be used somewhere else

Damaged? What good player gets damaged.

Oh everyone ,no one is susceptible to damage.
Unless you are playing with people who dont know what spies are.

no, thats the difference between a good and a bad player, we dont count on our enemies’ skills :smiley:

@trajic1 called me noob when I got damaged twice, but after 4 ticks we killed 2 enemies armies with my damaged squads. He then call me Senpai.


Yes i forgot to add which good player gets damaged and is surprised. Its all intended. We think 2 steps ahead :smirk::smirk:

getting called “Senpai” by trajic isnt a big deal. i sleep on frontline, lose all my army overnight, and get my colony conquered and he still calls me Senpai.

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Honestly, I don’t even know what senpai means lol

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