Best name in Super Mechs and my all-rounded build


Also is this an anti physical build(For my mech.)
And it is ripping through mass energy drainers (most of them.)


At what ranks? Because below r6-r1 any energy can drain this thing in a turn or two.


Rank 6 xd
Its still beating them pretty easily with at around 400 - 800 hp left xd (Might just be my luck but eh ._.)




It looks more like a rounded build lol


t h i s n i b b a l o s t t o m e w i t h t h a t m e c h l o l y o u s u c k

Ok jokes aside, that’s actually a good mech!


pretty good mech. Kinda rounded, but NOT(crappy energy)

not pure crap, but ya feel me.