Best mythical legs


so, im tryina get me some top kek mythical legs for my mech to look cool.
i have some mythical legs already but im using the surfboard because it’s light and i don’t really use the stomp move thing because it’s not that powerful.

i think i recall seeing some mechs of ppl that know whats what in this game, and they have one of those 3. which are the best legs?


As the colours suggest, the red is for heat, the blue is for energy and the yellow is for physical. Whichever is the ‘best’ really depends on the rest of your weapons. They are all very strong.


Ehhh…Steel Barricade since it has 4-distance walk like the other legs and deals the highest ( excluding the fact that electric one can deal far more damage than Steel Barricade when the enemy has little to no elecrticity ) and it’s pretty much compatible with any other mechs. Just use your 2 uses in it wisely :blush:


oki. well, i own the electric ones. i thought i would have to open more boxes


Jeez Can I have some of your tokens? :joy: :v:


i buy them on sm to use on bd. since they are cheaper on sm.


Ohhh cool…wish I could get some :joy:


only got 335


Jeeeesus Christ…


It generally depends on your strategy.

As most of the ones here have posted… there are three main types: physical, heat and electric.

physical is brute force damage.
Heat adds to overheating, which may stop a turn
electric got bonus damage once energy is drained.

Mobility is also an issue and weight.

the three godmode legs (like the one you are using in the image - the Electric Mass) has the highest addition to health, high movement and high damage. But it is limited to 2 uses. The risk of being cornered without a stomp is high. But if you play it well, it can be a devastating weapon.