Best mission for farming item boxes expect for last mission

Uploading… Explanation: This missions only takes 2 fuel and you can get an item box , no other mission costs less fuel.

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2 fuel, guaranteed box (?), yet you don’t show/say which one it is? That or the “uploading…” is actually loading or completely bonkers.

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im talking about mission 4 in the dry lands for some reason image inst showing :confused:

First of all welcome in the forums!

Why exactly mission 4 in dry lands? Well your idea is not bad but having a 100% chance to get a box for just 2 fuel is to low. You probaly realised that your fuel cap increases every few times you level up. I’m lv 68 right now with ~68 fuel. That means i could get 34 boxes in no time.

You don’t get a box guaranteed anyways

Sadly true, ran it a few times to test. Not very impressed with the box amounts.

Oh well, RB farm here we come.

im level 71 with 60 fuel so its impossible

its the best for item boxes im only lvl 18 so this is what i use

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