Best Mech Builds Thread

Hope this will catch on, since it’s the first thread I have posted. Place all your best mechs here, and maybe compete to see whose is the best! There are no rules to what mechs you can create. However, there are a few rules that I would like to make in this thread.

  1. No off topic
  2. No abusing others’ mechs
  3. No “rubbish joke” mechs
  4. Have fun!
    I will go first. This mech was inspired by a real one. Yeah, you can copy real mechs if you like.

I smell @Mechzilla’s build.


But still, let’s get this thread started. Come on everyone!

This is my current best, courtesy of someone in our clan, forgot who gave me the idea but its great.


This mech has crazy control over its opponent. It does have some weak points, though. It is supposed to have a long range shotgun as well, but that wasn’t in workshop unlimited yet. So I used another magma recoiler.


Doesn’t have a drone.

Pretty average energy stats.

Average health.

Good cooling with an less-than-avegare cap,although it can work.

Use problems.



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He’s not abusing your mech, it’s just not good. There’s no need for 2 Magma Recoilers since you’ll never use 2 in one turn.

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If you get your enemy trapped in a corner and you are in range 1, you can use 2, but well, it´s useless.

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This mech stole my heart :heart: and will definitely build it once I get Maximum Protector… Have it already, but lacking one single thing, the main component…

Maximum Protector

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I absolutely love this build

It’s honestly rly good. It’s under construction for me tho :frowning:


I see you use mobile as well.

See? I’m not the only one who’s WU dies every time I use it

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