Best Idea Ever must see

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My username: dontmakeuselessthreads
My password: noimnotgonnagetscammed

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I don’t have a great account.

But I have something better.

A flag for scamming. :smiley:

lol its not really scamming if ur saying what ur doing

lol, we’ll let the flags decide that.

there must be a badge for flagging people

There is. It’s called “First Flag”.

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sick ima go find some people to flag

Good job, you just created another snowflake.


ur the one flagging people for the most obvious jokes so i dont understand what ur saying

there is no way that anyone is falling for something written out so plainly

It’s still of topic.

Make it spam if it’s an unfunny joke.

Man, why? just why? :joy: :man_facepalming: :joy: