Best heat mech build



horrible cooling and regen wdym


On paper, it could be the best…


I’ll explain: You have 2 side weapons, dual Magma Blast
Fine, if the god of RNG is with you, against a 0 explosive resistance mech, you’ll deal 926 direct damage…but you have no other close-mid range weapon after that…

Having 2 Flaming Scope is useless because you can hardly shot one only if you use a legacy push weapon or a teleporter (you’re having noone ^^) under certain circumstances…

And the total weight hurts my eyes…add at least a dawnblaze ^^
To be a more efficient mech ^^


the final list is still in the making




You really love wasting your timedont you,?


The best hest mechs are the ones with 500 heat , 250 cd . 1700 HP and energy-free weapons


What a story?!
Use clash, energy-free cool drone which called (better than mur)…
I just heard it somewhere… lol.


Don’t call any contraption a '‘best build’'
Plus,there are 2 types of heat builds anyways…Mass Heaters and Damage Heaters…And yours is neither.
Sure,It’s energy-free…But 2 Magma blasts and a FS?
You’re gonna waste these in 2 turns then only depend on a drone…Are you kidding?
Sure,it has a lot of resistance (that won’t do any good at all) and hp (that will also be useless,wait for it)…
Yeah,go for that if you like long fights.It’s gonna take a while to kill you after the 2nd turn,when you’d get perma-overheated thanks to the cooling…
That ain’t right…
Too little cooling…Such an uninspired combination of weapons.Resistance can help,but that much resistance using 3 different modules is just outrageous…Free weight you won’t use for modules,and not for a weapon either for there’s nothing that could save that build…
And now I also wanna say this:Please,just write them flat.Don’t use screenshots of a word document (or whatever that kind of file that is) for it’s pretty annoying to look at it.
Also,if you wanna submit a build,go to the Thread that’s especially made for discussing builds:The current Meta and how to counter it.IK this ain’t a meta but it’s place is there for discussing over it…
Plus,it’s useless anyways…
BTW I’m not hating or anything.I’m just objective.


enlight me…what is the difference in weapons?
(i am energy…)


Meaning weapons that deal high damage to heat but low damage to Hitpoints, versus high damage to hitpoints but low damage to heat.


now i understand…thank you