Best Female BD players


Well I saw Elcent play once
And their tag was IA
Inactive alliance, They Slept


You can’t do anything cause you’re locked all the time.


Literally once, one time


num 11 Jazz
num 12 Malice




Don`t say you are not enjoying the rear view.


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id put @leobratce in that list, she can be really good when she isnt with psi. Some people may not know but Leo is short for Leona. She travels alother full name is Leona Lewis on twitter and facebook for any of you pedos that want pics. Amazing singer and not bad at bd.


Im still not sure youre being absolutely serious or Just trolling :disappointed_relieved:


Tiny and Missy from CME 100% would be top 5 in this list if any of you guys knew them :slight_smile:


U mean Dane and Dr evil , but still behind Zealot.


Googled that name…—> Youtube —> Brain tumor.


HoRned_Angel (#$^&**Xchar)


oi don’t shit talk the best BD player


Without a doubt the two best female players I’ve ever encountered were Renee or Juno. Celene and Ilona were up there as well. But Renee and Juno could outplay almost everybody. Female or male. They were intelligent, active, made great moves and could boost which always helps. It also doesn’t hurt that Renee trained and taught me all those years ago. Many of you may not know her, but if you ask any of the old timers (G, Alex, Malice, Tom) they’ll tell you she was a beast. Celene was a straight up warrior. Let’s kill everything. Twice. Ilona was one of the best tacticians and diplo people I’'ve seen in awhile. Rania(francium) was good at diplo as well. People may say she shouldn’t be included because of all the allies she always had, but give her credit. That was her strong suit. And she wasn’t a bad player either.


Without a doubt my number 1 would be that cute kangaroo chick named zealot


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Yup, some good names in there :slight_smile: But you can’t forget Heidi as well :slight_smile: One of my fav persons from the old days :grin: Wish I could of actually played with Renee more. But usually, I was in another team helping her.

I had the pleasure to play with Juno in CE2 (and accidentally kill her :sweat_smile:). Would play with again. 10/10

And Rania, sure, there’s some that may argue that she had too many allies, but I think the real problem was that she wasn’t ever willing to fight a friend, new or old. Which meant, after years, there was no one left to fight without upsetting her. Quite an odd problem to have. Befriending nearly all of the player base and having absolute loyalty to not fight them. Can’t say it was a “bad” trait to have in reality. Just caused some issues haha.


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