Best eras you've lost?


Getting locked was all apart of the plan, as Pantera would say


Now i remeber i played this one too, Djina wanted to play an era and the russians were also back , but idk what happened and Ramik managed to come in our chat and badmouthed all russian folks calling them noone relevent and convinced Djina that she should be with them while sharing chats of his teammates making fun of those russian players.
And then we sided with ketan and later Psi to fight rania and ramiks alliance.

and like 2-3 weeks later rania was in our chat and she was like "sorry that ramik is stupid , if u want we will kick him , we shouldnt been bad to you guys… (god she is so good at brainwashing and i am so stupid so it gets easier)
and convinced me to turn my team on Psi.

it was a good time with MS / Merc alliance.

there was even a rate card from Psi team like 5 reds for keeping 1 op jammed , 10 reds for spam bombing trajics team etc etc , lol.


M3 Era 2

Till this day, the best era I have experienced on battle dawn despite the loss. Never played against a team of 10 players who always moved as 1 unit. Was very difficult despite the experienced strategic players we had on our team (not counting Matt, he was scrub).


Ain’t everyone “skilled” as he is


Yes, unfortunately I wasnt there that era so… xD


Yeah, you refused my invite. Was going to be our 1st era IIRC.


How rude of you to decline Psi


I learned this lesson a long time ago and the only time I did play with him, Skizzy had to convince me to not quit just because I was in a team with Carter.

Seaweed is great. One of the strongest-willed players I’ve got to play against.


That wasn’t because of my performance, just because of your opinion of me at the time. It was a dead era!

I’ll show you all, I can’t take it anymore,


Carter ftw!!!


hey now, at that one point in time I was active, ish.

But seriously, that era was SO fun. The only era I can compare with, is E1A10(I think) where RUN beat us in ARM. That was one incredible fight, and I had so much fun, mostly because it was against friends. @Gaurav, Ilona, Allen, Avi, Andrei, Pivo, @ourania an many others.


Oh boy, how could I forget about that era. I hate you @Gaurav :slight_smile:


@BurningApollo @Psi how can you guys hate me for such a fun dang era.

Also the most recent memorable era that I lost was an E3 against the world. I think it was a 4 man with @Psi @Muha @Kaen @leobratce and Sam (Xander). Pretty much fought the whole world many times over but eventually lost. We started playing pretty late in the era and oh did I hate my life during that era. 3 tickers are death. Never again


Never again


Dw @Muha next time you ask me to plant and watch, I’ll do it.