Best eras you've lost?


Well your not wrong haha
FNF was leading the team. We started to war OAK in a 1v1 and even push them into africa for some days but then FNF just disappeared leaving me to takeover. Meanwhile diplomacy was in shreds because someone gave away all our identities which caused Raagav to war us since he found out emo and Johnny were in our team. The moment we lost our 1st army in battle , emo jumped ship and joined OAK and that was the end of it. It became a lost cause trying to motivate my team lol.


oh i remember that one , was leading after a long time and sided with FNFs alliance first and they were doing pretty good but then they just abandoned the area and left us alone to fight Redemptions and Ragaavs alliance once they both joined the fight against them. Then i had to make peace with Rademptions and Raags alliance as my alliance wasnt super active and would have just died. They asked me to attack FNFs alliance to prove i was loyal but i refused cause i was just trying to save my alliance and not change sides , guess that didnt went well and after a few days they together tookout my alliance and kept nuking me for next 300 ticks , but somehow i managed to save someone of my alliance members from those nukes in all that time.

And then Redemptions and Ragaavs alliance started fighting each other and we were confused as to which side to take as we hated both sides. and they kept showing us proof trying to get us on their side , one said the other made them to attack and vice verse.

From that point i got offered a lot of stuff to take a side but i preferred to sit on sidelines and took 2nd in the end as i didnt want to help either of the sides and eddie being sided with redemption and lamp getting us a deal with simmens alliance which i didnt wanted to break either cause they were the only alliance that didnt stabb us out of the top alliances.


Remember that era we lost together?

Not my favorite by any means, but I usually win my favorite ones.

I think my favorite was the era I spawned with a couple of others and ended up solo holding Africa and Europe with Donald (psychomanyisx, great guy). It was on long and competition wasn’t great of course, but fighting as at the time free players against full teams of boosters was a rush I’ll never forget.

I think I enjoyed that more than anything.

I lost it by merging with another team and then quitting and giving Donald all my stuff. It’s not fun to make an era much easier all of a sudden.

My favorite loss-loss was an era with Kenny. It’s hilarious to lose with that guy.


Yeah I remember, that era had everything to be great. But… :frowning:


The era Carter/Alfie team owned the earth map + Uchi/hassan as allies vs a developed PLO and SMAW (Cody’s team) plus Psi, Trajic, and 4E starting out. I fought separately from the main team but eventually merged with Alfie as things started falling apart. We turned a collapse into a two week long struggle to survive. We crusaded across 4e in Asia, organized our allies in AA, Lost and re-invaded Africa repeatedly against Smaw. We eventually found ourselves in Greenland and surrendered to PLO, then had the chance to kill Smaw for backstabbing with some sneaky help from Devin. The plants were lame but nonetheless a Great era and a Great way to die.


Do you remember which era # this was?


E3 Era 89.


I already mentioned that era earlier please it haunts me



Is that the one where we made Alfie quit or was that another one, Psi?

All those troll eras blend together. and I’m fairly sure we didn’t get a chance to backstab you yet! You guys attacked us first hahaha

( It just pushed things ahead of schedule )


E3 Era 73.
I made an alliance in Aussie for teaching newbies. So many joined that I had to create a 2nd alliance and bring in some folks to help me teach all of them. Towards the end of the era my team had to make a choice. Hand relics over or fight. To my surprise, my newbies said they’d rather fight and die (bless their hearts :sob:)

We were up against Dz’s team and ultimately ended up losing, but I’d like to say we gave them a good fight. Also, my favorite BD moment ever occurred on this era. When rank 1 demanded relics, I said no and then started the war right after sending my message. However, Gaurav’s army was currently in NA and got cut off from the rest of us :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Dunno if it was that one, I guess so. You were in EU and I had planted late in the era in AA. You were crucial for our win haha.


Oh, I remember that era was a fun one, you and ur newbs were doing good for a training alliance… Dz got mad and war happened so fast lol


That era was really fun, to be honest. Just browsing back on that old thread and feeling a bit proud of my purple alliance taking over EU and parts of Africa with our lackluster roster haha


I quit like two or three times during the course of that era


Oof! I won’t lie, I only know the ending parts of it. I just sat and built for all the early stages


It is the lowest point of my bd “career”. please :frowning:


Well I say “quit”, it was more raged/stopped logging properly for a day or two. First when I died to PLO in aussie at maybe tick 500, was already pissed because Psi/trajic had planted and completely changed up the era and killed Dan/yaz a few days before, we reinvaded, no one was giving orders so everyone just did they own thing. PLO flew to Aus to open a new front, I chased him, sent on his op then went to sleep. Woke up and yaz was like “I wont even comment just send the BR” - I’d died, PLO had rushed like 100 armour tanks and ioned me 5 times and I was dead. So I stopped logging once.
Then after you attacked us in EU (well I attacked first but you know) we were fighting you guys and 4E in Africa, I lost my inf (like 16 squads I think) to Ari and some other 4E scum, because my uni wifi went down eot and I wasn’t able to turn, I really flipped out and stopped logging then
Then at the end of the era we were turtling in SA, eventually got overwhelmed when everyone invaded at once, ran to relics, flew up the atlantic, and got to our final resting place in GL. I eventually stopped logging again and managed to get my 40 squads nuked in my own colony.… no one even called me, they knew I just didn’t fucking care lol

I have to say, I absolutely fucking hated that era. Playing it was one of the worst BD experiences of my life, seeing such an easy win slip away over some dumb mistakes (I still blame carter for them). But at the same time, it was a much more dignified way to get gangbanged than the E2 we lost the year before, this time we actually kept fighting, we stretched it out for a long time. We fought hard on literally every continent on the map
It’s still painful for me to look back at though. And the most important lesson I learned was - never play with Carter ever again

EDIT: I’d also give a shoutout to @Seaweed for that era, he really did all he could and was awesome, dragged me through the shit for weeks to keep playing etc. I’m glad he did and I really really respect his fighting spirit


I learned my lesson, but I respect your decision D;


hahaha that era was hilarious, mr lets camp aussie :smiley: whilst in my team it was me, dz and psi watching our team lock themselves. @EnerGY sleeping everyday at 9pm.


hahaha good times what we all learnt that era was that, there is no such thing as friendly war :smiley: Also never let psi have rich players in his alliance, its a headache.

In terms of war in new client that has to be one of the best wars for 1 team vs 1 team fighting, for sure it tested the hell out of us both. i still claim my 3 big battles that that i lost were tactiful losses, as each time we gained ground, but no one believes me :frowning:

wtf is this thread anyway, if you lost its not a good era :stuck_out_tongue: jk