Best eras you've lost?


So everyone, I have a bit of a different question for you. What are/were some the best eras you’ve played, and had alot of fun and battles in, that didn’t quite work out for you in the end. Maybe you were backstabbed, maybe your team wasn’t the best, maybe you got unlucky, outnumbered, or just plain ol’ got beat.

Let’s hear 'em


F3E82, us vs the world. Alas the world won


Describe it? Like what can you remember about the wars, etc.


M2 era 44

Rewards were only for Rank1 alliance , and we had such a blast , maxed ticks , camp walls , 100s of nukes fired at once , coaltions after coalitions destroyed.

Danes CME , MILF alliance, Josh & Simmens alliance , ads alliance , ICE alliance , Kitty & Asarums alliance , IND alliance , my MFIX.


Same as bane , M2 era 44 for me, and I suppose it will be the same for Josh as well.

I was in ads126’s alliance that era.

As for description I have a few good screenshots, will post once I reach home and have access to my laptop.


Fantasy 1 era 44. me, SirSkipWith, and @MikotoSouh with 3 randoms against the world. @Psi , @leobratce , IOWA, Amer, PHIL ELITE, and EA were the main competition. That was my first era meeting any of them except for PHIL ELITE. That was also an era in which i marked the whole world red, spent 100k tokens, and relocated Anish Mal into Leobratce’s back yard and antagonized them, thinking that wouldnt piss them off to the point of attacking us. Which it kinda did and they attacked us. So, that backfired. Who woulda thunk?


Oh boy this is a good one

Earth 3 era 89. Would have won, decided it would be a good idea to meme @trajic1. SGT forever


I’ve had so many awful painful losses, depressing that already 2 people have listed eras they lost with me, thanks @Faker and @Carter.

As for myself, maybe E2 era 71 against @Psi and about 40 other people, August-September last year. That had the biggest 1v1 early war I’ve ever had with another team, against @slybrood’s team. Or F2 era 51, years ago, my first proper era with Stark and the group, it was the first era that lool and UNIT teamed up, it was pretty stupid:


Seems to be a pattern here… Also one thing I seem to find is that eras tend to get better with age - you might absolutely hate it whilst it’s ongoing but looking back it may seem pretty cool

EDIT: This fight went down at like tick 200 or 250 I think of E2 era 71. It wasn’t both of our alliances’ full armies and I know it’s not CE level but still pretty damn impressive for that early. And yes, that is me (Vega did as well) losing 600 inf like 5 days into the era :expressionless: (though there was a 2 week downtime part way through that, another DDoS attack coincidentally) :


Honestly if we didnt have that 2 week downtime we had a decent chance to win that era.


E1 era 35.
remember getting asked to play by Fnf and emo , got outdiplo’ed and outplayed by Ragav’s team and OAK, we all died and i continued to watch the era and stayed low. Simen’s JW team started playing seriously then they tookover Raagav’s team from the inside whilst in a 2v1 against OAK. Oak eventually lost in the meantime i got invited by malice gaurav and topgun. with some brilliant diplo by these guys the era went full chaotic with so many good people involved. Era hit max ticks ( 2k ), but was probably the most fun 1 ticker i played till date. sue is so hard to beat :frowning:


YOoo I’ve said a lot about that era before but it would have gone so differently if that huge suicide in greenland never occured, anyone have that br?


E, do you at least realize what your mistake was? Agreeing to play with @FNF and @Soniya_Madaan


Lmao I made FNF ragequit so bad that era. They couldn’t handle actual competition, they all just play for free wins.


How about F5 E49 Alfie? That one gave me trust issues


That era literally changed me as a person and player for the worse, I could never call that a good era for anything


hahahahahaha holy shit


Oh snap, I raped everyone that era


I remember that era, it was amazing and horrible. We initially intended to be there to teach some new players, but one thing led to another, a few new players quit and we ended up playing. Diplo was all over the place, the world was in chaos for most of the era, and luckily for me it hit max ticks 4 hours before the start of my first exam. Good memories.


E1 Era 33. A no planned Era with some randoms vs my twin @trajic1 and @ourania.

It was an awesome era, only us two fighting, OwK in NA / SA and T in Asia, all our main battles happened in Africa. We had 3 major battles, OwK won all of 'em but it was more like a draw… Winning the battle but with almost no Units left. Sad I got no BRs anymore.

Later in the era after our 3rd major battle they managed to get the world vs us and even recruit Kyl.

I got mad at trajic for few months without talking to him :heart:


Hol up, you actually lost an era at some point?