Best energy weapon?


What is the name of top weapon that -100+ energy and -5+ energy resistance? Toxic have it… I just want to know what the name is.
Is that the best energy weapon??


These are the 3 main weapons I use sometimes I do switch out my weapons load though.

Best is a relative term, a lot depends on your play style.


Did you photoshop these weapon sprites onto the info? It doesn’t show for mine, and if you did, I love how clean they are


You can drag your weapon onto it and take the screenshot. That is how I do it.


If you can’t get those, start with two corrupt lights.


You can create a simple AIO (All in One) Image with Stats included by going into the upgrade area put your cursor over the item you want to snapshot, hold down your left mouse key, the image with stats will show in the left pain of the screen. Take your snapshot, cut paste, crop to size you want etc.



What about Lighting Scope hmmmmmm


You my dude are the master Necro…


1 damn year later…

And LS got introduced WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY after this post, like WAYYYYYYYYY after…

Plus, Toxic left the game and forums, so…