Best drone for heat mechs


Guys what’s the best drone for heat mechs i need suggestions is Clash a good drone for heat build mech?


The drone of the skull !!


Any drone that you can fuse up to mythical


I actually think Clash (the skull drone) is the worst for heat mechs.

I’d go with Murmur, or if you don’t have that, Nemo.


both murmur and nemo have hidden stats.
Clash is the highest dmg/turn, due to the fact it lowers res by 6.
Nemo lowers heat cap, by 6 i think.
And there is also another myth one, that heats up alot… 60 i think.


Murmur has 7 cooling damage per turn (when maxed).
I believe Nemo has 12 max heat damage (when maxed) as well, leading to 48 effective heat damage per turn.
Clash is good if your heat build focuses more on damage, and uses heat as a secondary bonus effect.

There’s another heat drone?

Edit: Ok I found it, it’s called Swoop, it does high heat damage and has some resistance drain to boot, but costs energy to fire.


yeah, dont know it… seen it on some builds, both nemo and clash and murmur deal same 48 heat dmg.
there are a total of 4 myth drone on each…except phis…phis only has 3.
It look like the electric windforge.


No no, Nemo does 48 effective heat damage (36 normal + 12 max heat damage).

Murmur does 36 normal heat damage + 7 cooling damage, Clash deals 36 normal heat damage while reducing resistance.

That “Swoop” drone, I’ve never seen someone use it. It has an energy cost so I’d think twice about using it…


yeah you are right, just checked it… the swoop has energy requiered…so not the best choice
i have murmur, clash, and nemo… all myth… never bothered upgrading them.
If i had higher inv limit i would build some other mechs, but atm i really dont bother, too constraining.


i use this one:
here are some stats