Best clan ever !1



I see one Serb.

Love you.

We are slavic people blyat

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Acctualy the person is called '‘i love Poland’'
Not the clan.

Change the name of the topic.

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IGN is ‘‘I love Poland’’ and the clan’s name is ‘‘friendzone’’.
I swear,that’s so cute!

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Just keep trying… maybe one day you’ll get to move out of the friendzone. :slight_smile:

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I hope this is you just so I can spam your invites.

Best Clan ever - and that will never change …


… won Clan Medal, with 0 losses (and also 0 wins) :exclamation:


P.S.: saw some clans with 24 members all the same country and all 24 members simular names … may I remember multi-accounting is against the TCPP :exclamation: :rofl:

It’s not like TS would care too much about their own TOS… :see_no_evil: