❓ best Campaign Mission for Gold / best Campaign Mission for Fortune Boxes

What you think (expierenced) are the best Campaign Missions …

  • for Gold

  • for Fortune Boxes


Please share your knowledge with us, so all have best possible results for their Fuel / effort to play Campaign :exclamation:

I will try to sum up all your suggestions to the Top ones, which will make it into the …

  • as Pro-Tip Nr 9 (for Gold)


  • Pro-Tip-Nr 10 (for Fortune Boxes)

Thank you :exclamation:


my suggestion :

Overlord’s Den / Mission 8 / Insane - for Gold

1v1 … possible with auto-pilot

2v2 … the auto-pilot do not change mechs when it would be necessary

The Dry Lands / Mission 6 / Insane - for Fortune Boxes

pretty fast with the side-effect of more Gold about small fast missions

Who found the most efficiency Mission, if you only take into account the …

  • Gold / Fuel ratio



I always do 2v2 Madboy , gives the best gold , plus has decent fortune box droprate .


Can you manage to do it with Auto-Pilot :question:

If I try it with Auto-Pilot, often it fails, because the Auto-Pilot do not switch mechs if needed :interrobang:

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I love that you included the location and mission number!! If you don’t (i.e. just put down that you’re doing madboy or bigboy, a lot of people will be asking what the heck that is!). Just something I noticed :smiley:.

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1v1 or 2v2?
I am unable to handle the more difficult 2v2s (at least with autopilot) on most missions (DUH, that thing use my wimpy hot flash on my energy against a volcano when I had a malice beam put next to it)
When I play it, I beat them…

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I do it on normal . Considering how strong you are , you should be able to beat it without any difficulties .

Even with an energy counter mech ( low phys res and hp ) , i have no troubles beating it on normal .
You get 14,473 gold for beating it , for 10 fuel . As far as i know , it is the most efficient way of getting gold .

Although hard mode gives gold more efficiently , i think it is too risky to do it with autopilot .


Was that playing 1v1 or 2v2 ?

I literally beat it with one mech on auto.

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for farming Fortune Boxes

3800 Gold / 8 Fuel as good “side-effect”


4200 Gold / 11 Fuel seem not that good as at 1v1 as “side-effect”



did they fix rewards for that? i just auto madboy on normal for both, didn’t try a lot of missions since RNG, you can prob farm hard or insane on auto with teams.


I don’t know how he can talk in the middle of his drop, and how did he got damaged already (probably my drone hit or whatever)

I know it’s you even before clicked in dis topic.
Doesn’t it too clearly?
For gold ofcourse is mad boi :slight_smile:

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Fall damage duh

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1v1 / Overlord’s Den / Mission 8 / Insane - possible with Auto-Pilot

  • 22000 Gold for 14 Fuel

2v2 / Overlord’s Den / Mission 8 / Hard - not possible with Auto-Pilot (with 100% success)

  • 22000 Gold for 12 Fuel

1v1 / The Dry Lands / Mission 6 / Insane - easy with Auto-Pilot

  • only 8 Fuel + little side-effect: 4200 Gold

2v2 / Overlord’s Den / Mission 8 / Hard

  • 12 Fuel + huge side-effect: 22000 Gold

Will implement this now at my Pro Tips thread …

… since I didn’t read a lot other opinions about here :exclamation:


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Any changes since we have now 3v3 in Campaign for …

  • best Campaign Mission for Gold :question:

  • best Campaign Mission for Fortune Boxes :question:

  • best Campaign Side Mission for Titan Tickets :question:


Yeah don’t play it . It’s a waste of time



Where to you farm for XP at the Campaign :question:


I do OD6 like everyone else of course.

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1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3 :question: