Best animating software for mobile?


I have always wanted to make all the weird thoughts in my head into an animation.

However, my acer laptop is being a butt to me so I have no choice but to look for an animating software on my phone.

But before I start looking for any, maybe somebody here knows the best animating software on android?


What’s wrong with your laptop?


It won’t start. It’s nothing serious, after doing a few research this is a common problem in laptops from Acer company…


That sucks… Can you fix it?


All I can do is hold the power button for 30 seconds and wait for probably hours to get this done.


Oh, so a broken power button. That doesn’t sound like a major problem.


Nonono, it’s not like that.
The power button is okay, but the battery is guilty.

The lighta are on, but the laptop won’t.


Also, no biggie. Just remove the battery then.

Sorry, I’m talking about it because I feel bad you’re having laptop problems. :frowning:


It’s fine lol.
I wanma buy a new laptop, preferably TOSHIBA brand because I had the best experience with those.

Will take forever to save up on 4 money every 5 days.


Yes, Toshiba is good!

Anyway, your best help is to tag those guys from SuperMechs Sandbox.


Yeah, but Elcent won’t allow comments there.


Alright, let me tag them here for you then.




No problem.


@Xzyckon, @Killin, @Maxy, @XDiego, @MCG_567_YT, and @L4K3:

Hi, guys. Can you help a fellow artist out? WMist wants to know if anyone knows the best-animated software for Android. Does anyone know? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!


I think there is an application


gimp for android @rc1 @WMist253


Thank you for that info! :smiley:


np guy…


TOSHIBA sucks,get HP.