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:joy: :joy: :joy: its true both ways :pig2:


Thanks for the welcome back Trajic. One can never leave this great game imo!

…Yup i remember most of my eras well. I think you should cut the admins some slack. They’ve been fairly decent and uncompromising on many things I’ve personally encountered.(they aren’t perfect but…) Hats off to them for being such fair enforcers of the rules. (considering that they are corruptible humans after all).

And as for your battle of words with Senatus ( which i don’t want to get involved in) , the best way to settle it is to actually settle it in the game. After all, this is a war game. Throw a challenge and face off.The loser gets to be a quiet pet forever. xD And the winner is declared the wiser one with actual facts…:joy:


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The ladies appreciate it the most… they say it turns them on :joy:



Joe and Tom being inactive on 3 tickers servers, even 2 ticks… 2-3 days can change an era if u just decide to cheat a lil in a war, when we need support they aren’t on we need to go for Alex to try to do their job. And we know this is the truth, Alex keeps killing himself doing others jobs cuz of their Lack of commitment to the job.

I’m glad Alex came with updates and is working for a better BD, but that thing also need a change and we’re waiting for it there are ages. If you can’t do what ur work requires, why are u still there?

“Too hard to hire and fire” Give 'em slower world, change! What does the word “CHANGE” means to u guys? Jeeeeeeeeeez


PS. More Memes is coming.


Fair enough. I understand the frustration to some degree. All I can say is, there are reasons that aren’t up for discussion here for some of it. Others, not quite sure as i know they’ve been here.
But do realize, I’m a new admin and cannot simply “hop in” to every world immediately yet. I still have to learn things so as not to break the game. I’ve been here for 2 months now. Joe and Tom are both heavily bombarded with worlds currently as the processing for new admins has simply been a slow process. You know when Alex started looking Felipe and I’m only just here 2 months now. And it’s not Alex’s fault. Sadly, things don’t move as quickly as we would all like :unamused: It’s the unfortunate reality.

Only thing I can say is we know you want some changes. We’re working on them. And by “we” it’s really mostly on Alex’s shoulders. And it’s a lot of stuff. He is also overburdened with a lot of responsibility right now. I wish I could of just been hired and immediately started taking over 6 worlds to help alleviate overburden, but the reality is that’s just not realistic.

P.S. - Rules should be out soon (i know i know, you all hate the word soon). It’s finishing prepping the actual topic now for you guys to view/comment/vote on things. Do realize, it’s a collective of staff working on it, not just a single individual. We simply wish to give you a finished product with explanation. Not something that looks half done and rushed together.


If u just git gud, it would be possible. Stop being such a noob. Thank :unamused:


Well, I mean… This is an issue that has be on for ages and should be a priority you know? I’m not saying it’s Alex fault, I’m saying that Alex is doing a great job and he even try to cover Tom and Joe when they’re missing. There is too much on his back. When Alex replaced Simmen, man E1 turned so nice with an active support was great.

I don’t know you as an Admin yet, but I do know u are active and can at least check the game more than once a day.


Exaclty, its nice for newbs too, if they have any queries, they can ask admin and get a reply quicker and not having to wait the average 1-3 days for tom or joe. Before someone says ‘admins have lives too’. YUP we know cos so do we. If there is ever an issue in bd its good to be able to communicate with the admin, not having to call other admins all the time to result issues that isnt there responsibility.


Alex is a swell lad. Very hard-working. But i think he does too much. Trying to spread the illusion that Joe and Tom are actually able to do their jobs. Thats an unnecessary thing that just takes up time and effort. And it’s somewhat of a fib to people that have played on their worlds for years. I mean, they might be good human beings, but as admins, they are inactive and don’t care about this game. They were a lot more inactive before Alex started covering for them, and im pretty sure we dont know about half the times he covers for them, so it almost gives this illusion that they log in more than once every two weeks. Im thankful for the auto-pause when the era ends. We dont have to wait 2 years after someone collects all 10 relics just to end the era


Why y’all gotta turn everything into some stupid ass SGC vs T beef @Sakrie, smfh

Let everyone be salty, it’s their right to be, salt keeps the game alive


SGC doesnt have an Anti Trajic Chat, but T definitely has an Anti Stark Chat. :joy::laughing::imp:


We have T , we have SGC and we have carter and zealot smooching in the corner


want me to add you? its good fun man


Stark when/if someone mentions SGC youre not even one of the first names that comes to mind. No offence but youve gotta work harder at being hated if you want to even be recognised let alone have a chat anti you.

Good to see youre still alive tho :slight_smile:





We don’t starky, but yeah join swag is right its jolly good fun :0


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