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[quote=“Malicewolf, post:145, topic:2700, full:true”] So choice is yours. Continue doing your best to halt any progress or not.

this is one of the reasons i think youre a fool, honestly you just talk alot. I just said my opinion and that i am in no way against bd but i do demand change. whether admins care or not is their choice i speak with many people that share my opinion but i speak it out. if you dont like it. continue the way youre going. ive tried to help now is the phase of attempting to do something about it.


AI colonies. That wasn’t a program that Alex just “turned on” you know. It was an actual change.
Server’s auto pausing when server’s crash was a change ALEX made
Tick engine was optimized so ticks turn quicker on refresh
Deleted colonies now turn into OPs
Tick protection for 1st OP created by newbies
New achievements were added
Message ingame when Daily Bonus becomes available
Auto pausing servers for end of era (and rolling era end for winning by 10 relic victory)
These forums we’re currently writing on

There are other changes that have occurred as well. These are only off top of my head. And I know of multiple things currently in process. Please don’t ignore the work being done. Stuff is happening. Perhaps you forgot, perhaps you just don’t care for these changes, but they ARE being made.


Traj bby there’s an update coming, something that isn’t just adding robots to BD

relax :ghost:


TELL ME ON PM NOW :jack_o_lantern:


no :japanese_goblin:


Always so greedy, wait like everyone else, we waited for years we can wait few more days too :joy:


But Djina :frowning: :jack_o_lantern:


F U traitor, kicked on E3 :jack_o_lantern:


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except you’re not the leader <3


wait for it :wink: :jack_o_lantern:


See, just like I said. Here come the minions to help out daddy-traj when he gets told he’s being an idiot.


says the Starky minion :joy: poor you coming out against Trajic everywhere, dunno where the salt is spawning from XD


We aren’t helping “daddy traj” pat, he was having a fit over something silly. Should be all resolved, no need to twist your pickles over it


just cuz he said what he thinks doesn’t make him idiot, anyone can say what they want and you can like it or hate it no one really cares…you look like idiot with this msg



Less than 10 minutes later all from minions, I think that proves my point on that topic.

For once I agree with Malice on something. You guys do realize there’s literally like 1 active developer? BD has been the most active and fair it’s been in years. Just because a few power-users are cranky doesn’t mean the world is ending or whatever. I understand ya’ll are control-freaks (which is understandable in a game like BD), but all berating the admins is going to do is immediately get any of your suggestions helpful or not thrown out from spite.

But hey, I’m just a troll these days. Can ya pass that salt?


Leave him alone he has many reasons for his bitterness. best to ignore the donkey, these creatures work different. the more attention you give one the rest appear for their dose of attention.


I agreed with him tho :confused:


Oh yea, the topic of making a suck up list.



Im always no.1 so you can close this topic :pig2:


I read this very differently than I think you intended :joy::joy::joy: