Best active players list


i beg to differ as i am beast


@hariscapo I’m hurt you forgot about me. xD I’d gladly prove it to you again and again


To add my voice to the list… I think as @Senatus said there are many great players who haven’t had the necessary exposure to the top tier to be successfully ranked ( myself included)
But just to mention a few some of the best players I have ever played against include Nick of Kong BD .
Luke BD ( Dobby) just to name a few. This needs comprehensive reevaluation.

I suggest a special era where we can hand pick our preferred team mates and form teams composed of the very best. That would be a blast.


CE3? lol mabye someday :ghost:


Yes maybe… I definitely would hop onto that. But i do think that if there is to be a CE there must be sufficient hype months beforehand and a poll to determine the best time to actually run the era. Not all months are the same in our years xD.


It will happen when the numbers drastically decrease, its last resort when the boys in blue realise they are being super stubborn, and actrually open their eyes. BUT before all that they have alot of mess to sort out. how can u make a CE and not even have properly rules that apply to everyone.


Stop being a bawling baby about what happened Trajic. Admins set their rules, apply them to everyone equally, and anyone who breaks them and expects the admins to not act on it is dim-witted. Those that afterwards keep crying about it for days are not only dim-witted but also incredibly sore losers.

Senatus of Kong BD Banned?

sore losers? see youre an idiot, you have to lose to be a sore loser… i havent lost anything. I dont understand why you have taken hostility to this unless you feel this is aimed at you. DOnt be so paranoid, we have enough idiots on this game. Anywho now you have grown the balls to aim my way. i should mention you have lied to yourself many times, im starting to think you now believe in your own lies, you can fool the idiots and manipulate the donkeys but you know that we know what youre about. I will add you to my list of pets if need be. But as you are record holder of ‘BoaT’ after (Malice wont let me say it) ofc i can compromise if you would like to be along side PLO on the list or under him as you like peoples (i want to say the word but malice threatened to ban me so i will descibe it. ‘its another word for gluteus maximus’) so much?



@trajic1 Too harsh man…Knee-jerk arguments.


Welcome back Neut, long time :smiley: meh he took it upon himself to insult me did he not? my dislike for admins has been clear for years, even in the era we met, if you remember :smiley: for someone to claim that it because i am a sore loser is crazy. i havent lost anything to be sore about.


Please Trajic, read any of the chats on Skype regarding admin favoritism and argue this is not at least partly about me.

… What?

In what sense did I lick some butt? I appreciate clarity. As for PLO being on that list, I don’t think I mind being on certain lists with PLO. I disagree with him in the sense that from what I hear he sometimes pays people off with reds, but I love how he’ll never give up always keeps trying to win the era.

All of your posts score quite high on the “sounds cool to say” meter, but you’re literally not listing any valid arguments at all. That first post of yours that I replied to, even after this added post that I just quoted does not have any valid reasoning behind it at all given that the admins have not favored anyone. Show me proof of the admins favoring a player and I’ll agree with you, but your complaint is about admins favoring someone while all the admins did was hold people to the rules they said they would hold them to.



You are /literally/ one of the biggest crybabies on BD. Every time there’s a hint of adversity against you, you’ll throw a temper tantrum with your peons to back you up. What an ego hahahaha.


Says the guy who cried the most


Come now folks, let’s keep it civil.

Trajic, you’re walking a fine line currently. You do not have to like us, but you cross that line and I have zero issue putting a halt to it. Criticize all you want, just be constructive. You can whine all you want about admins, but I see you doing nothing to help make it better. In fact, you’ve so far only been purposefully making it worse, so how are you any better than those you’re criticizing? If you hate things as are, then please work to help improve it instead. Or you can keep ranting about how nothing is going right as you do nothing to help make it better.

You can dislike me for not trying to fight Milan’s 500 R5 all you want. I found it pointless. I’ll forever worship you when you take it on and best him. Until then however I ask that you simply stop throwing these tantrums


I’ve had many convos with Alex even offered to help many times. Have we seen change? No.Was I not the one trying to help the game during factions? was I not promised things will change for the better not for worse?

Kinda tired of being civil. It’s had us in the same spot with no change apart from ‘more talk of change’ like I said earlier that bc apache made hit the nail on the head.

You will probably reply to this with the same kind of bs we get off other admins saying things are going to change we have plans blah blah. Whilst you’re typing you long reply bare in mind nothing has changed since the agent rule thingy.iit affects us as players a lot more as we are the ones who play day and night and we’re getting bored of hearing the same stuff and seeing nothing.


Why are you always so irrelevant? Get outta here man :joy:


All I’ll say is it’s not a fast process. We never promised fast changes every day to you all. It’s 1 man trying to do his best to help. I’ve said it a few times. We don’t have a team of programmers sitting back ready to help re-code things. It’s Alex. In his free time. Looking to help improve the game. WHILE doing his job that he is actually getting paid to do for this game. He’s been working for quite some time now on coding up some new changes and fixing things in the background as well as simply figuring out the code. Please remember, he did not write the programming for BD. He must decipher and figure out what’s what and what WON’T break the game while changing (btw, did you know he actually coded in features specifically for the Factions event? Luckily it wasn’t super hard, but give the guy some credit. He’s doing stuff!). And sadly, things like these only take his time away from providing any meaningful updates because these things get escalated up to him now. So TRULY it is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to go raising hell here on the forums. Alex is the guy it gets escalated up to and thus, he must stop doing meaningful work to try calming the masses instead.

I can only hope to help alleviate that kind of burden (and I admit… sometimes I can make it worse as I tend to rile people up on the forums sometimes :sweat_smile:). So choice is yours. Continue doing your best to halt any progress or not.



Also yeah there is a new update soon dw didn’t read anything y’all wrote tho. Should be interesting Alex has done a good job with it