Best active players list


Are you seriously daydreaming? That too about BD, lol


We LD’d burning apollo, stop joking now :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuckin serviles my friend


Oh and by the way. To add my opinion on the best players of bd. There’s only 2 flawless players. Like it or not its milan and greenjitsu. Ive played with or against most named and no one else is on their level. End of discussion


they both have there flaws nothing is called a flawless player “except me” noob capo


They have flaws. Both focus on solo play over coordination (not that they can’t coordinate, but their goal is to be able to solo). Early era before they build up, that can be an issue. But they cover it well with activity and good teammates. And once they get up and running (aka R5) you’re pretty screwed (as I’m sure you know ;)) Both are tactical. You give them room and they WILL wreck you. If you don’t give them room, then they’ll hunt you, but if you do it right, they won’t get up and running in the first place. Milan’s been on many worlds I’ve won and “warned us” not to kill him. We killed him every time and just kept him under full wraps and made sure there were never any good teams still up that he could join and stall time with. Sure he spammed us. But it was never game changing when he had 20 power. Why you EVER let milan get over 40 power is beyond me honestly :joy: But I won’t complain. Its helped and hurt me in eras.

If you all (TLA) just killed him instead of coming for JW, you would of probably killed him without much issue. I would NOT of been able to get JW up and running to help him out (as you noticed, 7 members changed). TBK would probably NOT have revived to help save a solo player. Sure you’d of gotten some issues with people popping in to help, but you wouldn’t of had entire alliances :joy: Opportunity is what you gave him. On a very nice silver platter at that.


First of all, I agree with the statements that most players that are supposed to be good are trash and that many others are very much overestimated. I also think in many cases power/score and actual skill are confounded, there are some very good players that don’t get as much attention because they never get the high scores.

I also agree with those that state I’m the best player on this game, simply because I think any metric you want to go by proves that. If there’s anyone that would be able to challenge me it would be Geenstijl though, he’s an absolutely amazing player in every sense. Iceman also is one of my favorite players, that guy is just a one-man wrecking force.

As for the whole JW vs SNEK debate, by the time we attacked JW honestly didn’t stand a chance at all. A few of JW didn’t disband, they got farmed for exp. But by that time it was quite impossible to beat me, I think, let alone my entire team. JW also wouldn’t have stood a chance if they had teamed up with TLA against me, because TLA was very obviously more active and better than JW. I do think JW could have played it much better if they had backstabbed before I did, that might have allowed them to survive a bit longer. The disbanding though… I honestly don’t think they would have lasted longer if some hadn’t disbanded. I’d just have had a bit more exp.

It’s also not as if all this happened purely by chance. It’s easy to judge in retrospect but of course I’d been getting TLA riled up against JW and was helping Malice take over leadership of JW while simultaneously telling his members about how TLA was going to attack. They were bound to clash, the only question was when it would happen. If anything it wasn’t a very good move by TLA, they struck first. After that there wasn’t all that much JW could change.

You know it Cap :+1: :smiley:

I don’t think either one of us focus on solo play over coordination. I would argue what both of us do is try to allocate resources and experience most efficiently. Since I also tend to be the most active player and I know how to use R5, that means I allocate the experience to me first. On CE we did the same, exp went to Geenstijl and me first but we made sure others also had at least 1 or 2 squads of R5 so our enemies had to be afraid of every player suddenly killing 2 squads with 1. On any normal era I would go much more for coordination than for solo play since it’s just that much more effective, but I’ve stopped playing normal eras pretty much. And when you go for BOAT, you don’t go for spreading stuff across many players in your team, you take as much as you can for yourself. Give me another CE and I’ll focus much more on the team since the goal there is to win the era rather than set a score record.

I’d just like to state I disagree with this statement :smile: I placed on Simen’s goodbye era as a sort of tribute, and during all that era I made 1 unit and never intended to do anything. Yes, in that case it is easy to keep me down :smile: Those other many worlds I still need to find out about, but there’s a large difference between an era where I place and never build a unit or an OP and an era like this where I plan to win.

I don’t think this is the case, but eh it’s all speculation in hindsight. It is pretty funny to see these discussions about it though, I think what people fail to realise is I’d just adapt the plan if anything had gone differently. I’d probably have allied DPLR and Prr in that case, or even joined Prr and rebuilt that team together with Niracas etc etc… Then again I am arrogant enough to think I would never lose an era where I go for the win anyway. Most on this era got played hard, and I think I could have won the era a lot easier if that had been the goal. But like I said, the goal was to get as high a score as possible and for that a quick win wasn’t optimal. I could also see how people would think I only won because the stars aligned though, it’s all speculation. I just think that this is literally the 4th era in a row where I try to go for a BOAT score and I actually got the BOAT score, there’s starting to be a pattern :smile:

To all those thinking I’m not actually as good as I’m made out to be, bugger Alexander to do another Champions Era and I’ll definitely be there to take on all challengers :smile:


Holy CENSORED why are y’all still arguing by writing novels. Read my posts again. There’s 2 flawless players and the 90% of this community is CENSORED serviles, full stop.


Eh, all I’m really saying here is, there were ways to stop you without a doubt this E1. But people, as you stated, got played hard. Myself included, but my case was more so convenience. You knew me too well to know I’d sit back and just die to TLA, but also that once they attacked, there would simply be no choice but for me to join you :stuck_out_tongue: Many said why would you help Milan. Simple, I had no choice :joy: And quite honestly, was a joy to play with you again, even if it did result in the current situation. No doubt there are not many with your ability.

And you are correct, the eras we kept you down, you weren’t there to try. But once again, I can assure that if you were, we would not of given you even an inch of space to do something. Does that mean you couldn’t join and rally an enemy? No, not at all. But we wouldn’t let you gather up R5 at your leisure. Not to say it’s a for sure way to prevent you from winning, but sure as heck helps :joy:


Real question is. Can the Best of all times holder win an era without hiding for the first 1k ticks. And was when he last time he ever achived a Hall of fame medal. Without hiding until the end. It’s all well and good being a good player but I feel bad for you having to hide because the fear of losing. How many times have you played hidden and lost and no one knows it?:slight_smile:

Damn that’s more than one question.



J/k, stop putting me on lists I’m a scrub lmfao.


Everyone knew it was me this E1, I had my medals showing and told everyone it was me…? Also, second CE I played with medals showing right from the start. The first CE I didn’t play with medals showing but everyone knew the team I was in and no one was surprised when I told them I was Apocalypse.

The reason I went incognito on those BOAT rounds I did wasn’t to hide, it’s that I thought this game might be more challenging that way. I would start incognito, make a new Skype or not use Skype at all so that there was no way people would be doing stuff for me or would be afraid of me. It doesn’t exactly put me in the same position as a new player as obviously I know this game far better than they ever could, but it does make it slightly more comparable in the sense that I do not use any of my past connections then and can’t use my reputation to scare them into submission or into doing what I want them to do.


LOL okay Mr Raider/Michael from hong kong :wink:


one thing is for sure. if you wanna be better than others, you best have time.


Rob is by far the best BD player ever, trajic might be second but who really cares cause if your not first your last.


Instead of trying to debate who is the most skilled or best Battle Dawn player, we should be trying to find out whomst’d’ve is the most T H I C C :heart_eyes: :eggplant: :peach:


isn’t that Kaen…?


Second place is first losers :slight_smile:


@Germanicus youre a loser


@Senatus is hands down the best tactician in the game at the moment.