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can somebody here explains me battledawn?

#89 read this


wiki/ read this


I love u too E :rolling_eyes:


he has 30 r5 squads,


Yep yep he’s active, diligent and smart. He’s also a lot of other things that are maybe not quite so positive.


Eh, you can take just about any traits and turn them in a good or bad light tbh.

He’s got initiative. He’s a go getter. He’s motivated. He’s an opportunist.

He’s got no life. He’s a try hard. He’s got too much time on his hands. He’s a backstabber.

Both of these could be referring to the exact same person really. And honestly, that’s part of what makes BD so great. The ability to drive the masses to any sort of decision is a HUGE factor in how eras play out. You can turn good qualities into bad ones and bad ones into good ones.

He’s honest.
He’s a push over.

He’s deceitful .
He knows how to keep a secret.

Good at diplomacy

Can’t do anything himself
Good team player

It’s actually quite easy to turn tides if your opponent has zero ability to do the same. Which Milan is quite good at. Propoganda really does play it’s part in BD. Now granted, some on the other side were good at this too. For instance, G is fantastic at pulling in the masses if needed. The bigger issue here was that TLA was trying to pull people in who weren’t here to begin with. Milan was calling on folks who’ve been planted and just waiting for a chance to hit TLA all era because TLA already killed them. Finding those looking for a chip of revenge is a great driving factor. Pulling in friends that had nothing to do with anything hardly keeps motivation high.

Sometimes you need that high charisma stat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


looks a bunch of pages i have to read then… :pensive:


Its not very complicated tbh , the basics take a few minutes to learn. Once you get it into it’s quite fun , you can add my skype (in signature) for help.


keep enjoying supermechs


Wow I didnt even get mentioned? Now Im sad.


Matt!!! Tbh the idea of the thread was about players that currently play. Did you come back?


Still playing today. @abeyant, you would be one of the top 3 if you were still playing. But i dont think you are. And unfortunately the thread derailed and became an E1 discussion about Milan


i can add your ign to the best Female BD players if you want me to :slight_smile:


Malicewolf is by FAR my favorite alliancemate i’ve ever played with, going back to the old client. So many good memories :slight_smile:


Harv!!! Your back!


Bruh my cowboy bepop O_O


Who do you be? I don’t seem to remember you :frowning:


I had a name change cause my rep was too big ya know


One day ill be on a list like this, quote me :smile: