Best active players list


To throw more wood into the fire, I’d say that 90% of the people mentioned as the “best players” have never actually done anything themselves and strictly are reliable for coordinating by somebody else.

Just going off my own experiences with people mentioned here, both playing for/against them.


Well when people mention Milan is the best player, others are free to say why exactly some think he is the “best” player :wink:


Cause he’s active, diligent and smart. Not that hard to pin down really. Y’all can complain bout what I did all day. But until you are faced with his 500 R5, I don’t wanna hear your complaints :joy:
I prefer to use my time wisely


Hey, I didn’t put me on this list, idk what George was thinking, I’m trash :joy::joy: got sat down hard in E2 because 12 hours after my team attacked I got a bad stomach bug that put me on my ass for 3 days, rip FREE


I don’t blame you for siding or w/e you did since I’m not on that era and don’t care… but that type of mentality is what is killing BD.

Am I crazy for being (apparently) the only one who tries to come from behind in almost every situation? When I first started playing BattleDawn, it seemed like nobody ever was “settling for 2nd/3rd”. I legitimately don’t know if that’s just because of fewer numbers now, but people tend to “hug” their wars out far too much anymore. I know diplomacy is a part of the game, but the real point of the game is to win, in my own personal opinion.

Honestly, I have absolutely 0 respect for the majority of the people on these lists.


I did come from behind. 1000 power behind to be exact. Against TLA. then TLA quit, let Milan farm their very large armies along with DPLR, TLAV, and TLA’S. Lots of xp there. And a big gap I couldn’t close.

Also, OC, a LOT of people settled. No joke. It’s just that there was ACTUAL diplomacy. And it’s not like the people dying here on E1 are getting reward.


I mean, like I said I literally am not there to watch it.

I get the whole “best bro” thing too, I’d never attack my friends in those situations either by surprise.

Exactly my point with my ranting. That era is fairly different just due to the rules, but for the majority of eras that doesn’t apply.

I guess my big-gripe with everything is that topics like this one generally decrease the overall gameplay-value in BD. It’s encouraging the cult-of-personalities which have already nearly ruined this game. Most of the “big names” are trash without any support.


Well saying that. You were aware of his capabilities and along side those dumb butts in TLA you allowed him to grow too, knowing what would happen. Anyone with a brain would know never to let Milan grow ever , especially if you wanted to say you beat Milan, like you claim. Just never seen you bow down EVER. Was very saddening.


To summarize it up , we all hate Malice cause :

He didnt suicide into Milan , who alone had way more income than the whole Malice JW alliance , alone had more army than the whole JW alliance , also including 10-20 R5 squads. and he never misses a tick.

Shame on u Malice!!!


We dislike that malice had the decision to work with TLA and stop Milan but decided to continue war with TLA helping Milan, knowing full well that Milan would grow and farm more and more and get to the point where he can’t be stopped. All I’m saying is if malice wanted to kill Milan as much as he says he wanted too then he would have that e1 as it was his best chance but seems it wasn’t in his best interest. Instead he bowed down and gave him allowed him to get another boat medal :slight_smile:


I weirdly find myself agreeing with Trajic in this situation. Why would anyone have allowed Mr. Senatus to get so powerful knowing what he has done before in such a situation?


Well you see, originally I told everyone to let him get that strong so I could place after he hit 1K power and beat him, ya know, cause I’m that good. Unfortunately I got really busy being unemployed and didn’t have time to place and beat him with pure armor cav armies.

tl;dr: Sen lucked out that I was too busy too beat him


Seriously -.-
It isnt Malice’s Job To stop Milan from BOATING ,smh
If I see a chance to win ,I’d rather fight than hug
But when youre faced with an army greater than All your team ,Its one person who is active, Team isnt fully active OR they cant be on at same time.On top of that the person is good af and not easy to trap.
Well obviously you go for free blues rather than Waste everything you invested


We all make mistakes. Malice’s mistake was one of a player, not of an admin. Don’t mix up the two.


Mainly because I don’t swing that way. Wouldn’t be a bad life though, Milan is set :stuck_out_tongue:


Milan still does’t have as many squads as people think he does. During the TLA war he had around 60 the whole time he was fighting in Africa. JW probably had almost as many squads as our alliance considering most of us didn’t have more than 20 (I had 12 normal squads + 2 R5 squads). On top of that, I was on holiday so did nothing the whole time and other players were inactive due to rl stuff too, so if JW had actually put up a fight they could have achieved something.


it was staffy who let Milan grow and not Malice lol , jesus how many of you are commenting who didnt even play or rather plant this era.

Anyone would have done more or less the same in that situation , as soon as TLA started spreading from NA towards SA and in europe in North they encountered LolGFs team (Carter,Drew,PS etc) and MFH , while Wind (sam,jeremy,madmax etc) kept expanding in Asia and africa, and TBK (Dan , Horo,Dommy,elcent etc) in AA and Australia.

lolGF team died pretty easily and MFH just relocated next to Wind in that Asia corner and around same time TLA and TBK started warring in AA , and almost 150 ticks later Wind started attacking TLA too , later TLA got some allies and able to beat wind , and around 300 ticks later TBK was also dead and done, so around tick 700 all TLA enemies were dead , and by this time Milan was around 600-700 in power and had relocated from TBK territory to that small island near Australia. which is pretty far to reach and he had decent R4-5.

and then 200 ticks later , probably TLA was tired , so they rested a bit , they declared war on Malice team for fun. I guess rest everyone knows.

So my point is , they never had the time or reach to stop Milan from growing , and even if they tried , Milan would have joined either Wind or TBK and result would have been more or less same , which is arguable.

So if u ask me , staffy didnt had much choice and he went with what he thought was good for his team.


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spam time bois!!!


I didn’t let Milan grow. TLA did. I joined the era at tick 700. Everyone thought I was Tasty Malice (which is Malice of Wonderland). So those saying I was in JW and prepping anything were quite wrong. I planted tick 1 so I could watch event and then I was on vacation for 2 weeks in Hong Kong and didn’t log in once during that time. Came back around tick 600, started building structures up. Noticed JW team invited me to their alliance between tick 1 and 100 and saw they had 9 members. Jokingly joined them and then they asked me to stay. Then leader went absent and the members voted me as their new leader, THEN i found out TLA had their eyes on us and Milan was willing to help when they attacked. Why turn down help for an already grim looking scenario that I had no control over :joy: I even told Staffy that I had no intention of doing shiz to TLA and he responded that it didn’t matter and they were coming. So, I fought, got good allies (aka Milan) and the rest is history.

As for me fighting Milan, I have no issues fighting Milan if I START on equal footing. But Milan had nearly 1000 power by himself when I started logging into E1 more normally AND he was the one offering to help ME when TLA attacked. Why the hell would I turn down the help?! Sure, I could of turned on Milan DURING the war, however, TLA went from 100% kill milan to 100% quit within a matter of about 12 hours. Sorry I didn’t step up in that 12 hour period to turn on my benefactor who turned the tides of war in my favor at the time :joy:

DURING that short time frame (TLA war) however, Milan jumped from about 200 R5 to 500 as TLA all quit and let him nuke farm their armies. I had 10 R5 at this point. Gap became to wide for me to close when Milan happened to kill everything and was rolling much faster than I could try to keep up with. Hell, even around the world, he was killing random colonies with units because he no longer needed nukes and I still did to farm xp. Gap widening even more. So as for me actually backing down, sure. I’ll accept it. Was a headache not worth the effort. I’d have to get the entirety of the world to turn on Milan AND keep them active. Possible? Yes. Extremely hard to do? Very much so. Chances of success? Still low af.

My decision making in the process leading up to Milan’s backstab.

  • Milan’s going to go for BoAT and the gap is huge. I was the most active in my team and my army was also extremely small (I fought entire TLA war with 150-200 veh, the rest was spam and anti spam). Most of my resources went to energy for jams, scans, and gating. So the most active member who’d most likely be pinned up against Milan would be me. 200 veh (10 R5) vs. 800 veh (about 500 R5).
  • Milan was already extremely likely to get all the crystals on the world with that kind of army. Why stall the era an extra couple hundred ticks for the sake of stalling? I had no additional allies to call on to turn things around. So I would literally be stalling the era purely for the sake of stalling the era (which, to be fair, I have done before, but those I still had slim chances of coming out on top at least along with possible allies to call upon).
  • Me fighting means era continues AND Alex rewarding the fighting (meaning, I give Milan even more crystals for him to farm up and stall the era on even longer to collect).
  • Milan LOVES fighting and earning his wins. Granted, he already got most of his kicks from killing TLA, TLAV, TLAS, MERC, and DPLR. But adding JW to the list only continues to boost ego if you were to add in ‘they fought back hard and still lost’.
  • My team wasn’t as active as TLA or perhaps even TLAV, but we were active enough to fight. Meanwhile, TLA who were more active had nearly all members focused on trying to kill Milan and still failed as milan picked them off 1 at a time with more activity.

Take it as you will. But with all that info, did you really want me to fight Milan and stall E1 even longer? At best, I could probably have dodged around Milan for a few weeks to avoid spy traps, still lose majority of territory due to his overwhelming number of R5 (I’d need to send 3x more squads at everything just to defend in fear of R5, which I didn’t have the capacity to do), not be able to stop a frontal assault on colony, meaning losing my income, and I’d eventually run out of the resources to make OPs to continue running.

So end story, if I fought.
Yay! I stalled E1 for an extra 2 weeks and Milan still got exactly what he wanted AND gets rewarded for fighting by admin events (which stalls era even longer!)

If I did what I did.
Era ends sooner. I don’t kill myself and my teammates for a near 0% success rate to turn things around. Milan doesn’t get rewarded by admin with more events.

I still stand by my decision :slight_smile: