Best active players list


wait… your medals aren’t worthy to you?

oh, okay


farmed medals* so no i dont thnk

u is that so??
guess i am a fool then :smiley:
there i admitted, does that help roll ur tears back??

nice one :’)


When did this change from “we all hate milan” to “we all hate George” :expressionless:


Whats Greatness in BD ??

That someone was better than rest 20-30 active people + 90 Inactives and rest 700 Bots .

Yay good job well done.


Oye dont insult :neutral_face:[quote=“George, post:224, topic:2700”]

You can call him jerk only thats nice :slight_smile:.


oooooh george… i dont have to prove to u if im a man

the proof lies in my pant

ssssh please dont make this worse for u
im outta here, next time u feel like going against me on forum or in game open the HoF and see where do u stand and where do i :wink:
mike drop


He isn’t even here, leave him the hell alone. That guy had cancer at like 23 and never complained at all, you know nothing about him


^ u kina ignored zelly


RIP George- 2003-2017


I thought you were always 14? oops my bad


Swagger you simplot :expressionless:


Sorry it was a simplots mistake :frowning:


don’t blame me for things I haven’t done :frowning: I don’t delete posts, I alter them to say the opposite of what you wanted! :unamused:

goes off and deletes all the spam posts


Some people just don’t know how to do things right, you know who you are :slight_smile:


ye also your’e being a hypocrite george


jesus christ you’re catty george


i get you dude…




wait what?

all i got w as a thumbsup guy