Best active players list


Nah no need to ban me cuz I aint playing again. BD is starting to feel like my hometown, no matter how long you be missing you’ll still come back to see the same faces. So ill just keep commenting on forum drama :D. And @Horo , you couldnt resist not having my attention could you


nooooo capo i’ll play with you :smiley:


Looks like the past is the only thing to talk about on BD


Who the heck even is SGC?


A team almost as unpopular as you


Your reply doesnt explain anything


capo is god. :pray::pray:





T’was Malice. He deleted a post because it said “stfu george”. Idk whats with the overprotection


@hariscapo george mustve gone crying, with all the bullying he might have been on the edge u know :#


Quoting quotes makes a person sound like a ■■■■.


A great man once said" envy is not envy if you do not envy and you do not envy if it is envy towards such a donkey, how do you envy a donkey with a lot of envy, and greed is greed because of envy of others" that why people call themselves something Jr

I think his name was sayan chackboyahsjeisiwjwwnsns he also said “wtf you’re a George”


Oops Forgive me Leona Lewis


Wth @trajic1 be nice, here are only nice ppl you jerk :innocent:


Don’t call me names king Geoffrey I’m not a jerk. :frowning: I’ll be nice again for u Dz


BaHahahaha he is attacking me @djina, let me abuse him back please? He is ruining the only forum page that was actually on topic. Man this boy craves attention like no other.


Okay but you can call him jerk only cuz that is nice word :slight_smile:



says the one whose only defence is his medals and his BoAT finish.

Dont hate me for speaking the truth, u urself have been sending this sh*t to everyone.

ps- @djina is the best :smiley:


Ofc i am :pig2: all this noobs suck :stuck_out_tongue:

And you are 2nd best :heart: